Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ColourPop Fall Shade Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product.

I picked up a few of the Fall collection items during a recent sale, cheek color Never Been Kissed, liquid lippies Kapow and Bedazzled, eye shades Mixed Tape and Party Time.  Eye Candy is a regular shade that I'd meant to order and just kept forgetting.

Swatched on bare skin.  First photo outside, direct sunlight, kinda bright so a little washed out.

Inside photo by sunny window

Outside, indirect sunlight

ColourPop's color descriptions:

Eye Candy - cool toned ethereal lavender drizzled with tons of silver and pink glitter, metallic finish
Mixed Tape - mid-tone cool grey, pearlized finish
Party Time -  dusty mauve grey, matte finish
Never Been Kissed cheek -  dusty coral, matte finish
Kapow liquid lip - muted grey taupe
Bedazzled liquid lip - deep true purple

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

Monday, November 16, 2015

ColourPop Holiday Color Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product.

I picked up a few of the additional holiday colors, three eye shades, Fanny Pack cheek, and Boogie and Silk lippie stix. 

Swatched on bare skin.  First photo outside, direct sunlight.  Sorry a piece of my hair jumped into the photo, it's a bit windy.  I didn't notice til later. 

Second photo outside, indirect light.

Here's ColourPop's color descriptions:

Fanny Pack cheek- icy silver white with a pearlized finish
Glitterati - silver undertone drenched with tons of gold glitter in a metallic finish (I usually shy away from anything with "gold" in the description, but this is really nice and not overwhelmingly gold)
Dance Party -  Sultry smoky violet packed with hot pink, violet and cobalt blue glitter, metallic finish (much prettier in person, and mega sparkly!)
Leopard - vivid violet blue in a matte pressed pigment finish
Boogie lippie stix-  vibrant violet red dusted with turquoise glitter in a satin luxe finish
Silk lippie stix-  rich deepened burgundy in a matte finish

Leopard was a bit of a surprise for me.  It looked very dark in the jar but is absolutely perfect in person.  I'm really glad I got this shade.

I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

Monday, November 9, 2015

ColourPop Blitzed Holiday Collection Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product.

I bought the Blitzed Holiday Collection shadow set which arrived only a few days later.  I'm going to put this aside (for myself) for Christmas, but wanted to swatch it now.

Shadows swatched on bare skin with wet/dry brush.  First two outside, no flash.

Here's an inside by the window, no flash

ColourPop's color descriptions are:

Valley Girl- soft vanilla with tons of gold highlights in a Pearlized finish
Thirsty Girl- warm bronze drenched with gold glitter in Metallic finish
Fan Girl- cool toned violet grey in a Pearlized finish
Party Girl- soft dusty pink in a Matte finish
That Girl- charcoal grey drizzled with lots of silver and gold glitter in metallic finish
Roller Girl- true black topped with rainbow glitter in a Metallic finish

I find it kind of ironic that Party Girl is the matte with no glitter.  I think they should've switched the names for Party Girl & That Girl, since Party Girl brings to mind loads of shimmer & sparkle.  It's a lovely matte pink though, I'll definitely use this one up quickly.

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Life's Entropy Galaxy Glow Illuminator Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product.

I ordered sample sizes of five of the eight Galaxy Glow Illuminator shades a while back.  I can't remember why I didn't get the other three shades, whether they were out of stock or what, but I'd definitely grab samples with a future order. 

"Galaxy Glow Illuminators are liquid highlighters with fine light-reflecting particles that create an illuminating effect on the skin without being too glittery or greasy."  I haven't worn them yet, just the swatches, but I agree, they're not greasy and have the right amount of shimmer without being glittery.

I simply dipped a fingertip into the clamshell and swirled it onto bare skin.  Both photos were taken outside, no flash.  The first is indirect sunlight.

direct sun, a bit too bright to clearly see the shades

Here's Life's Entropy's color descriptions:

Light Year – bright pearl white  (this is a great bright white, I'd use this a lot)
Nebula – pearl white that shifts pink-silver-green (my favorite of the bunch, much more pinky/silver, almost lavender as I move my arm)
Comet - opal peach
Solar Flare - rose gold
Aurora - pale pink (probably use this as much as Light Year, great pink)

Comet and Solar Flare are both pretty, but a bit more peach than I like for myself. 

The shades I didn't get are:
Solstice - pale gold
Constellation - golden pale pink
Celestial - pearl white that shifts gold-copper-red

Full sizes are $12 to $14, for 16g.  Samples are $1.50 to $2 for 1g.

I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fyrinnae Lipstick Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product and received one free sample with order.

I jumped on the Fyrinnae lipstick shades when I saw them.  I only purchased samples to start, and lemme say that I really appreciate the sample sizes.  These were packaged in 5g jars, so easy to dip the brush in to try them.  There's enough for several uses.  Samples are $1.50, full sizes are $10.

When I ordered on August 3rd, there were seven shades.  Since then, three additional shades - Pumpkin Spicy, Indulgence, and Space Western - were added.  Fyrinnae graciously added a sample of Pumpkin Spicy to my order.  That's another positive, they're happy to include a new shade with orders.  Note my order arrived on August 12th.  I also ordered a full size shadow (Moon Child, since mine's nearly empty) and a mini of Marshmallow Puffs shadow.

Here's my quick & dirty swatches, applied on bare skin.  Lipstick was applied using a wet/dry brush, brushed over the samples several times to pick up enough product, then brushed it over my arm 4-5 times to make sure it was dark enough.

First photo inside, no flash

Here's an outside photo, although you can see the sky is kind of an odd color for 10:30am.  Sort of overcast, but the flash didn't go off. 

Fyrinnae's Color Descriptions:

Witchcraft - A solid version of our extremely popular Wizardry Liquid Lipstick, this is a burgundy base with a shimmer highlight which turns from turquoise to pink to reddish, depending on the light and angle. Please note that the color and effect will not be as intense as the liquid lipstick

Misfit -  Light metallic "grape soda" purple. Sheer at first but easily built up

Empower -  Deep, warm mahogany plum, coordinates with Saharan Princess blush. May appear brown on some skintones  (this does look sort of a cross between plum and brown on me)

Pumpkin Spicy -  A "My Lips But Pumpkiner" shade, this is an autumn pumpkin spice color, which may work as a good warm nude on some skintones.

Drawn that Way - Vibrant rich red which doesn't lean particularly warm or cool. Can be built up to a deeper shade.

Purr -  Light cool mauve, coordinates with Bewitching and Temptation blushes

Elven -  A light, milky peach-pink, coordinates with Nordic Angel blush. This shade may be best suited for light skintones.

Legendary -  Rich bright pink, leans warm. Coordinates with Greek Goddess blush.

I thought the red shades would be my favorite, but I love the way Purr looks.  I haven't worn them yet so no thoughts on feel / wear time, etc.  They do apply sheerly but can be built up, as stated in their color descriptions.  After wearing liquid lipstick almost exclusively for the past few months, it's strange to put on a regular lipstick.  But I'm glad they're making them, and can't wait to see additional shades.

Hope the photos helped, and thanks for looking.