Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March Recolor with Manic Panic Purple Mix and Pravana Chromasilk Black

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product shown.

I used Prism Lites Violet bleach mixed with 30 volume developer and applied to about 3" starting from my scalp, left it on for 30 minutes.  It worked much better than the Ion Color Brilliance powder bleach I'd used the last few times.   Between this 2 shade lighter area and mixing several different purple shades to use up various amounts left in the containers, I figured it would be a bit of a surprise in the end.

Here's March 21st, in bright sun.

This second pic was later in the afternoon, with a different lipstick.

I added a packet of Ardell's Unred to the Pravana Chromasilk Black, and applied the mix to all the black, instead of just the regrowth, to make it nice and dark and even.  I did do my bangs, but always manage to get bleach on bits of them, so threw the purple mix on them too.

Here's April 1, after it's faded a little.  You can see the top area is more magenta-ish, along with a spot or two here and there where I'd brushed a little bleach to remove traces of faded purple that were looking brown.

I do like this mix of color, despite the unevenness.  On my next recolor I think I'm going to remove all the purple, bleach the whole area, then go back to a more blue based purple.  I have plenty of Violet Night, which I do love, but I might mix it with something darker,  haven't decided yet. 

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Honey Maid commercial

I'm not one to discuss certain topics on social media, because those who know me know my views.  But I saw a commercial earlier and was moved.....I hadn't heard about it earlier, so was completely unprepared.

There was a big hullabaloo over a recent Cheerios commercial, you all know the one.  I was a bit surprised how many people took offense to it, and not just a little bit, but who were completely outraged.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a second Cheerios commercial which didn't seem to cause as big a stir, or perhaps it did and I just wasn't aware. 

Then I saw this Honey Maid commercial. 

It started with a same sex couple feeding and then walking their children.  Then a man with tattoos eating with his daughter, then playing drums while the wife and daughter danced.  A man helping his son button his shirt.  Then an interracial family walking together. 

My first thought was, wow, great commercial.  My second thought was "this is really gonna make people lose their minds."  And I wasn't wrong.  I glanced through some of the YouTube comments, and although when I did most praised the commercial, while others were very upset, to put it mildly.   

I say kudos to Honey Maid. 

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy Eye Palette Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product shown.

I picked up the MUA Luxe Pretty Edgy palette back in December, prior to starting my no buy.  I have a mixed relationship with palettes; I always want them and love the swatches but when I buy them I end up never using them.  I sell them or give them to friends, so I keep trying to remind myself not to buy them. 

It's normally £8 (exchange rate varies but a British pound is about $1.65 US).  It might have been on sale, I can't remember.  I had ordered a bunch of items for myself as well as a couple of friends, and threw it in the cart for the hell of it. The weight on the back of the palette says 20g, but doesn't specify the amount per shade.

From MUA's website:  "Make a statement with the MUA Luxe 'Pretty Edgy' eye palette. Encased in a cool gold studded clutch, this palette features a mixture of pretty pink neutrals with dark sultry tones in velvet matte and shimmery textures."

Here's the back, sorry I didn't get all the glue off when I peeled off the protective film.

I like that the shades are listed showing the actual shade (on the back of the palette), so I don't have to guess what's what.

Shadows applied over TFSI using a dampened brush.  Photos taken inside, no flash.

These shades are all shimmery, they apply very smooth and creamy.

Antique is a silvery white shade
Bow is a warm pink
Toile is a cooler pink
Ruffle is a taupe-ish / pinkish browny beige shade
Flounce is a pink chocolate
Lace is a soft wine

The bottom four are velvety matte, nice and soft and not flat.

Sinful is an orchid color
Gothic is a brownish with hint of greyed purple undertone
Wraith is a medium to dark cool purple
Envy is soft black

I'm glad I got this palette.  While I'm wearing mostly neutrals these are all shades I can easily incorporate in varying degrees, if I want a little more pop or a subtle hint.

I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Porcelain: The Trial for the Killing of Sophie Lancaster

You can listen to  Porcelain: The Trial for the Killing of Sophie Lancaster  on BBC Radio 4 until March 10th.    It's a 45 minutes drama documentary with extracts from an interview with Sophie's mother Sylvia Lancaster and dramatized scenes, including the trial of Brendan Harris based on the court transcripts written by Ian Kershaw.

Please take the time to listen.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Maybelline Dare to go Nude Color Tattoo: Pure Nude, Beige-ing Beauty, Nude Compliment, Stroke of Midnight Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the items shown.

I picked up 4 of the 6 Color Tattoo shades from Maybelline's 2014 Dare to go Nude Collection.  I found them at Harmon Discount Values inside Bed Bath and Beyond, $5.79 each plus tax.   Yes, I am on a no buy but these are my Valentine's Day gift and therefore don't count against me ;)

These do NOT say "Limited Edition" on the plastic protective wrap like some of the other shades I've purchased, and Maybelline should absolutely keep these as permanent shades.  They're great neutrals that would appeal to many, particularly those who wear more subtle makeup on a daily basis. 

The two shades I didn't purchase for myself were Sleek and Spice (warm reddish brown) and Caramel Cool (orange gold), because I think they're too warm for me.  I did grab them for a makeup group friend though.

 Shadow swatched on bare skin, first 3 photos taken inside, no flash. 

This photo was taken outside, no flash

Pure Nude is a gorgeous soft vanilla nude shimmer.  I can see reaching for this one every day.

Beige-ing Beauty looks kind of golden yellow peachy shimmer on me, not what I'd call beige.  I'll have to wear this one before making any decision.  These also make a great base for powder / mineral shadow, so it definitely won't go to waste if I decide it's not quite right for me.

Nude Compliment is a light to mid brown shimmer, the word gingerbread springs to mind on this one.  It's another one I'll wear daily.

Stroke of Midnight is a black with blueish sparkly shimmer.  These are all buildable and this one will look great applied heavier.

Again, I really hope these are not limited editions.  I've been very pleased overall with the Color Tattoos, and these colors are definitely ones I'd buy again, if I can manage to find them.  I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.