Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Look?

Nothing to disclose.

I think I'm going with a very light look for Halloween.  I'm dressing as a witch, and don't want to do my usual heavy dark eye and I don't want a green tinged face.  Here's the trial run, done for a makeup group challenge.

I look annoyed here but it's just the sun blinding me

Eye close up - we all know what a pain it is to photograph glitter

lip close up

I wonder if I should add a hair fall?  The purple in the fall matches my own purple quite well, except the fall is much wavier than my own hair.   I might wear a smaller hat mounted on a plastic headband if I do wear the fall, since I don't think my regular witch's hat will fit over it!

Didn't need much for this, here's what I used:
Too Faced primed & pure primer
Illamasqua Cream Foundation in 110

Fyrinnae Pure Sugar patted all over
Glamour Doll Eyes Hollywood glitter patted over Pixie Epoxy as liner, top & bottom
Too Faced black mascara
Meow Spellbinding shadow brushed into brows with dampened brush

Chinovi Artemis shadow on tops of cheekbones
Meow Tombstone shadow in hollow of cheeks

Morgana Shifting Violet lipstick
GDE Hollywood glitter patted on top

Black lenses
HeadRazor wavy hair fall in black & purple in last picture

I think I'll skip the white powder in my brows for Halloween and do my usual dark shade.  Might add a purple gloss over the lipstick too, haven't decided yet.  

Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Virus Insanity Duochrome Shadow Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product (split an order with a makeup group friend).

You all know Virus Insanity's's some swatches for you. These were all applied with a dampened wet/dry brush on bare skin. Photos taken inside, no flash.

this one's blurry but it shows off the sparkle. Yes, I also have that labeled in the photo, but let's face it, everyone looks at the pics and doesn't read the text!

Duochromes are not the easiest shadows to photograph, as you all know.  They can look very different in various lighting and angles.  Here's Virus Insanity's color descriptions, in case you're looking at the pics thinking "now what color is that?"

Caramel Machiatto is a bronze color that shifts from brown to a reddish gold

Hazelnut Cappucino is a soft golden brown that shifts from a reddish to a coppery to a golden color
Vanilla Latte is a very light peachy neutral with golden tones and iridescence that shifts from purple to red to silver
Sookie is a shimmery natural pinkish golden color with gold and silver glitter and iridescence that shifts from greenish gold to silvery green to blue
Peppermint Latte is a light pinkish neutral with iridescence that shifts from silvery green to silvery red to greenish gold

Next set, sorry I didn't get all the Coffee Collection shades in one set of photos.

and a "down the arm" type photo to try & capture the sparkle.  You can see how different Demon Bunny looks in this photo versus the straight on ones.

Clawdeen is shimmery medium brown with iridescence that shifts from green to gold to purple
Gingerbread Man is a coppery brown with iridescence that shifts from rose to green
Demon Bunny is a slightly blackened brown that shifts from brown to reddish gold to bronze
Reindeer is a deep brown with iridescence that shifts from red to lilac
Cinnamon Cappucino is a warm, dark brown with iridescence that shifts from gold to copper to red

I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cargo Essential Eye Shadow Palette Cool Neutral Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the item shown.

I stopped by Kohl's last week and discovered they've added several cosmetics brands to my local store, including Cargo, the Balm, Lorac, Pur Minerals.  The cosmetics section was also moved to the front of the store during a remodel. The department is very well lit with about three times more items than they carried prior to the remodel. I picked up a Cargo Essential shadow quad in Cool Neutral for $34.  Kohl's website states that this is a prestige brand and "not eligible for some discounts" so double check to see which, if any, coupons they'll accept.  Kohl's cash may be applied to the product.

I first applied the shadow dry, over TFSI, but it was overcast and the two lighter shades were barely visible.  A little while later the sun poked out, so I tried a second time, this time applying the shadows using a dampened wet/dry brush but on bare skin.  These photos are inside, no flash.

This one is outside, no flash

I haven't worn the shadow yet, but the browbone, lid, and crease colors are all shades I wear often.  I do like the outer corner color but would wear it less often, probably applied with a very light touch using a dry brush.

If you have a Kohl's near you, pop in and see what brands they carry!

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Melt Cosmetics Belladonna 2, 6six6, By Starlight Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product.

I purchased three shades from Melt Cosmetics, Belladonna 2, 6six6, and By Starlight.  I do like the formula, they seem to go on fairly nice, creamy, slightly dry but not nearly as much as others I own.   These were $19 plus shipping.

I realized I hadn't done swatches of these and did the fastest ever, in the 20 minutes I had while waiting for the bus, and in the front yard.  At least it was sunny out.

First, the arm swatch, applied on bare skin, photos taken outside, no flash.

and now some lip swatches.  I suck at lip swatches, I think mainly because I can't seem to apply my lipstick properly.  I feel like if I apply it to the edge of my lipline, it looks as if I've colored outside the line, so I usually screw up and miss half my lip.  One of these days I'll get it right.....

Belladonna 2 is  "Belladonna's long lost little sister. She's bluer. She's ultra electric. She's the prettiest pinky-red you'll ever put your lips on."  I got hooked by the "she's bluer" and felt maybe it would be similar to MAC's RiRi Woo.  It looks ok in the pic, but in person, I'm really not too happy with it.  I am NOT a bright pink lipstick fan, and far too hot pink with a hint of red on me.  I wish I'd skipped this shade and bought a different one.

6six6 is my favorite of the three, and although this shade isn't what initally made me look at the Melt site, when I saw their swatch I knew I had to have it.  It's gorgeous.  It's the deep red shade that I love and can never get enough of. 

By Starlight - I do like the color, but this does not look like Melt's official swatch.  I'd been warned that it was lighter, but frankly, it's way off.  The swatch on their site is a gorgeous deep purple, this is what I'd call orchid or lavender.  Don't get me wrong, I do like it, but I want the shade they have in their swatch.  I'll add a matte black lipstick under it or black gloss over it to darken.  I'm just disappointed.

All in all, completely in love with 6six6, ok with By Starlight, not happy with Belladonna 2.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Chinovi Cosmetics Nude Matte, Autumn Salad, Cranberry Sauce swatches

I purchased Nude Matte and the three Costume Shop shade,  and received complimentary sample bags of both Autumn Salad and Cranberry Sauce with my order.

Nude Matte is described as "a soft 'my skin but better' shade. It is definitely more of a sandy beige color."

Autumn Salad and Cranberry Sauce are not yet listed on the site, both bags say they're from the Fall 2013 collection, so keep your eye out for it!  These are some lovely autumn shades.  Autumn Salad is a soft green with loads of golden shimmer, and Cranberry Sauce is a lovely berry shade with shimmer. 

Shadows were applied using a dampened wet/dry brush on bare skin.  Photos taken with no flash, first two indoors and last was outside.

I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chinovi Cosmetics Costume Shop Ghost, Witch, Zombie swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product shown.

I purchased Ghost, Witch, and Zombie from Chinovi's Costume Shop Halloween collection.  There's 6 shades in this set:

ET  - alien skin green with gold shift and copper sparkle
Ghost - light taupe with purple sparkle
Goblin - brown based green, gold and green sheen with green sparkle
Vampire - bright red with silver shimmer and sparkle
Witch - soft medium purple with blue and teal sparkle
Zombie - almost black dark silver with lots of bronze and purple sparkle

Shadows were applied with a dampened wet/dry brush on bare skin.  Photos taken with no flash, first is inside and the next two are outside.

These three are shades I'll definitely get a lot of use out of.  I hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Fall 2013 - Just Beige, Nude Pink, Matte Brown swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product shown.

I didn't even realize there were three new limited edition Color Tattoo shades for fall when I found the display at Bed Bath and Beyond.  They were $4.99 each.

Shadow swatched on bare skin.  Photos taken outside, no flash.  Sorry the pics aren't very bright, I did try to brighten them a little without throwing off the shades.  It's overcast with a tornado threat, of all things.  I know a lot of people are looking for swatches of these new colors, so I wanted to get them up asap.

I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of these shades!  They are LE's so grab them while you can.  Thanks for looking, and hope you've found the photos helpful.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Coloured Raine lipstick swatches - Boudoir and Arabian Night

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product shown.

I ordered two lipsticks from  Coloured Raine Cosmetics  a few months ago after seeing a swatch of one of their shades.  They have a lipstick color guide on their site, which I find very helpful.  Boudoir is described as a 'Cranberry Plum' shade, while Arabian Night is a 'Deep Purple.'  I favor these dark shades over bright or light ones.

Boudoir goes on creamy, nice and smooth.  Arabian Nights isn't as smooth, but still pretty good.  Purple lipsticks often have this issue, so not a big deal for me.  I simply apply it using two light coats to make sure it's as even as possible.

Lipstick was swatched on bare skin. First picture is inside, no flash, bright sun coming in the window.

Next is with regular sunlight coming through the window, no flash.

Last is outside, indirect sunlight, no flash.

I hope you've found these swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner - 3 shades

I received a free sample set of three eyeliners from a friend in a makeup group.  Shades included are: Blackened Black, Blackened Cocoa, and Blackened Plum.  I normally wear gel liner, but on days when I have on minimal makeup or am just hanging about the house, I'll throw on a little pencil liner, since it's quick and easy.

Here's some quick photos, taken inside, no flash.  The first the sun was coming in nice & strong.   The liner was simply drawn on my bare arm, so these are far from the neatest swatches.

the next was still nice and sunny but not as bright

and a quick one outside, indirect light

Couldn't get an outside direct sun picture since my camera has some "exposure compensation" feature which means when I try to take a picture in direct light, it comes out all dark and weird.  I've fiddled with the setting but then the colors don't look like they do in person. 

Anyway, I've worn each of these and am very happy to report that the plum shade doesn't seem to bother my eyes.  I've had reactions to purple liners in the past, mainly gel and liquid, but this seems to be ok.  I make sure to remove every speck before bed, just to be on the safe side, because I've learned that leaving even the tiniest amount (if I'm in a hurry & do a quick makeup wash) means my eyes will be irritated by morning.  So this is good, because I do like purple liner.

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Illamasqua Powder Shadow Swatches in Heroine and Livid

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.

I ordered these two shadows during Illamasqua's 50% off flash sale back on May 17th.  I had intended to order Heroine and Justify, but due to heavy traffic on the site I didn't realize the drop down box didn't change and defaulted to Livid.  It was a good mistake though.

Shadows are swatched with dampened wet/dry brush on bare skin.  First photo is inside, no flash

and these are outside no flash

Heroine is an ash taupe, matte finish
Livid is a red violet, matte finish.  I suggest using a base for this one, as it can stain skin.

Both are gorgeous shades, and in the end I'm glad I accidentally ordered Livid.   Besides, it gives me an excuse for another order to pick up Justify!

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.