Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream 13 Swatch (vs Skin Base 2 & 3.5)

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown. 

This isn't a review of these products, simply some photos and thoughts on the color.  The Missha 13 is also called "bright beige" and is the lightest shade they offer.   You can find Missha through eBay or Amazon, prices are around $10 for a 20g container, around $20 for 50g.

Illamasqua's Skin Base 2 is similar to their 115 shade, described as "pink undertone with yellow."  Skin Base 3.5 is the next darker pink undertone with yellow shade.  There's a shade 3 between them, but that's described as olive yellow undertone.  Frankly, I'm surprised there's so much difference between the 2 and the 3.5, I thought it would be less.  Sephora offers Skin Base for $42 for a 30ml / 1 oz container, or direct from Illamasqua for £27.00. 

To compare prices, Missha is quite a bit cheaper than Illamasqua.  There's approx 28.35 grams in an ounce (28.3495), so dividing $42.00 by 38.35 makes Illamasqua is about $1.48 per gram.   Missha is about 50 cents per gram for the smaller package, 40 cents per gram for the larger.    Ok, got that?

Foundations swatched on bare skin.  Photos taken inside, no flash.

First, dotted each on my arm 
  photo 5ee4d78a-838c-44c5-88a3-9f34acbee9d9.jpg

Swiped the dots down my arm
  photo fb0142dd-317b-418a-be1c-a0f8934790f9.jpg

after a minute or two photo ea7768c9-5be8-407f-a774-7bdcb3331f8f.jpg

Then I blended a bit more, and allowed a few more minutes
   photo 2b2e3b8b-c3cf-4191-a211-469c2280478c.jpg

You can see the Missha looks a bit yellow here, but did turn a bit more peachy after a few more minutes while I was taking close up photos.  It looked closer to the Skin Base 3.5.   All the Asian bb creams I've tried have ended up oxidizing on me, but this one turned more peachy than orange.

  photo ce5f7135-953a-48a1-92d6-1b603930be3d.jpg

  photo 5c7d0373-de68-4286-82a0-c70b80dddf0c.jpg

I put some red arrows here to point out the Skin Base 2 - in person it's more noticeable, but harder to see in the pics.

  photo f0a45597-2fe1-4011-8d91-77c7e2933309.jpg

 Now back to the Missha.  The additional blending made it appear more yellow than orange on me; I had done some quick swatches outside using just the Missha 13 and Skin Base 2 the day before and you can see the Missha looks a bit more peachy after oxidizing.

 photo e66c692e-c629-457e-9ce9-934a81d36445.jpg

The Missha 13 could be a good option for those of you who are closer to the Illamasqua 3.5 shade, or if you wear the lighter shades in drugstore brand foundations.   In years past, I would've worn this, but with Skin Base 2 being an almost perfect match, it makes it tough to beat.   The price on the Missha is also a great thing to consider.  All in all, it's worth checking out.

Hope you've found the pics and my thoughts on the shade helpful, and thanks for looking!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Darling Girl Dice, Beluga Bebe, Demeter Swatches

Nothing to disclose - I purchased Dice recently.  I also received a samples of both Beluga Bebe and Demeter, one with this order and one with a previous order, but I can't remember which was with which order!  Link is not an affiliate link.

I purchased some of the MILF - Matte I'd Like to Find - shades from Darling Girl and also picked up Dice.  It's not part of the MILF collection, it's from the Throwing Stones collection and is a matte.

I must apologize - my arm is a bit red.  I decided to take advantage of the sunlight and do a bunch of swatches, but my skin is sensitive and applying products, washing them off, and starting over for the next batch of products was just a bit much for my skin. 

Shadows were swatched on bare skin with a dampened wet/dry brush.  Photos taken inside, no flash.

 photo 4171d590-d58b-48a9-bd21-dab99aa7b238.jpg

a down the arm picture so you can see the sparkle

 photo f895a3ff-6285-48a5-9837-fdaa487292a9.jpg

Close ups plus Darling Girl's color descriptions

 photo 36f43480-d5bc-4487-8c56-10c22fc7f339.jpg

Dice is a creamy opaque matte white

 photo 33f58cbe-d6cc-4775-bc59-6f5c2a620b6e.jpg

Beluga Bebe is not listed on the DG page.  I'm awful with color descriptions, but to me, this is a taupe sort of shade, silvery with hints of bluish green shimmer.

 photo b657de48-c091-4394-b902-dbda9e3dd507.jpg

Demeter is also not listed on the DG page.  To me, this is a golden taupe with multi shimmer.

Sorry to show you things you can't have.....somehow these just never made it to the pile of things to swatch.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Few Darling Girl MILF Matte Shadow Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the items shown.  Pools of Passion was a gift with purchase (free sample).  Link is not an affiliate link.

I ordered a few shades from Darling Girl's MILF - Matte I'd Like to Find - collection.   I know a lot of people who believe "matte" is an evil word, but I've always liked mattes.    These shadows were swatched on bare skin, applied with a dampened wet/dry brush.  Photos taken inside, no flash.

 photo 6fdb42da-d82b-4369-9e9c-46e3110f7029.jpg

 photo 53087564-7353-4e8f-a920-264992ae9c6e.jpg

Close ups with Darling Girl's color descriptions

 photo 9dac406b-bbee-4150-8ec7-5105420aab6d.jpg

Bite Me is a pale putty.  Great for a highlight shade or if you are very fair a subtle lid wash.

This may just be the shade I've been looking for for quite some time now.....I wore it today as a lid shade and am quite taken with it.  I need to pair it with a few other crease colors before I make a final decision, but it's definitely the contender to beat.   This went on a bit darker since I applied it with a damp brush, but quickly dried to the shade you see here.

 photo 04893cb5-8654-44bd-8b2a-de925d8d71b8.jpg

Kilt-y Pleasures is a mid-tone milk chocolate brown.

 photo 4dc59197-91ee-4c8b-9478-1cb716a800f4.jpg

Naughty Bits is a saturated chocolate cherry.

 photo 8bdd0034-abaf-461d-b6c6-3017b9865d94.jpg

Tempting Tryst is a mid-tone grey brown, great crease color.

 photo 3a02bf66-a164-4b63-9a8b-98e2d001e805.jpg

Pools of Passion is a bright cobalt blue.   I'm not a blue shadow person myself, but this is a gorgeous color and I know a lot of ladies who will love this shade.

I took a picture and the sun burst through the clouds, kinda washing out the colors, but I'm including it anyway.

  photo 4a60821b-fc74-4b5a-a79c-734a03a4007e.jpg

I hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wild Wednesday

I don't have any pictures to share but wanted to report that the bats are coming out of hibernation!   I saw three bats a couple of nights ago as I was taking out the trash.  I saw one darting about, then two more that were together.  It's always exciting when they appear.

We used to have loads of bats, but White-Nose Syndrome has caused an 80% decline in the bat population from the Northeast to Central US. If you haven't heard of this disease, please read the USGS National Wildlife Health Center information here.  

People have crazy fears about bats, but they're beneficial.  It is reported that a single little brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in an hour!  So keep your eyes out for our little bat friends, and let's hope they can make a comeback in the next few years.  You know I'm rooting for them.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Last Tuesday's LOTD

Nothing to disclose.  All products mentioned purchased by me.

Here's a few pics from last Tuesday after some grocery shopping.  My hair is a bit messy since I had the windows halfway down while driving.  Of course, my hair is always a bit messy but at least this time there's a reason for it!  Both pics are taken outside, no flash.  The first was in the shade.

 photo DSCN1958.jpg

In direct sunlight, so you can really see the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in Violet in my hair.  The black is Pravana Chromasilk in Black.  I think I'm going to change my bangs on my next recolor so they're more black than purple. 

 photo DSCN1948.jpg

Here's what I have on in the photos:

Face Illamasqua Skin Base #2
Illamasqua cream blush in Crush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Walk of Shame on lids, browbone
Urban Decay Naked 2 in crease and a little under eye
Urban Decay Faint in crease and a little under eye
(all three shades from the Naked Basics palette)
gel liner in Blackout
Too Faced Lashgasm mascara in Black
Brazen Cosmetics Dita in brows

Morgana Claret lipstick

Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Fyrinnae 1960's Retro Collection Swatches

Nothing to disclose, items shown purchased by me; London Mod was a free sample with order.  Link to site is not an affiliate link.

I purchased a few of Fyrinnae's 1960's Retro Collection shades.  It's been mostly sunny, meaning every time I'd go to take a picture, the sun would disappear behind some clouds, so some photos are brighter than others.  I don't like screwing around with the color because I find it makes the shades look odd, so I leave 'em alone.

Shadows are swatched on bare skin with a dampened wet/dry brush.  Lip lustres swatched on bare skin.  Photos taken inside (except where noted), no flash.

 photo ec0d81d7-4353-45a0-bd80-e7ae94dbd11c.jpg

"down the arm" shot so you can see the shimmer
 photo 9ea2946f-a238-4f86-817c-bf9dd0fb13ee.jpg

Close ups, with Fyrinnae's color descriptions

 photo 125d697b-f70f-461a-89fc-bb8146139f4c.jpg

Bollywood Babe is a satiny neutral to cool pink loaded with cheery gold sparkle.

 photo 9c5c353b-9ec2-483d-b01e-30ee1224bce7.jpg

Polyester Witch is a light violet graced with fun green sparkle.

 photo be22775f-4183-4698-b516-ebc146a2733b.jpg

London Mod is a satiny light blue, a little warmer than cornflower, filled with green sparkle.

 photo 664056b0-03a7-47d2-8d39-07730f74e936.jpg

 photo 74c6f661-94f8-45db-b39c-bc899953b589.jpg

Pleasant Valley Sundae is a  sheer milky cream with a lavender shimmer, intended to be worn over lipstick but works alone as a subtle hue, or to tone down a natural lip color without being too pastel.

It's a Mod World is a sheer glowing pink with a touch of pale violet sparkle.  Looks great over lipstick or alone.

Here's a picture taken outside, no flash

  photo 6484fb73-5b46-49cc-a25b-28ef6453c25a.jpg

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Morgana Lip Swatches - Blood & Roses, Claret, Shrieking Violet

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.  Link to company home page only, not an affiliate link.

I ordered three lipsticks from Morgana's Crypt, a new Shrieking Violet and two of the LE shades, Blood & Roses and Claret.  There were two others that caught my eye (Tuscan Red and Buried Poison) but those will have to wait for another day.

Lipsticks applied on bare skin.  Swatches taken inside, no flash. Photobucket labels seem to appear on a few of my pics, but not all.  Does this mean there's a fix in sight?

 photo 15600286-25b2-4149-983e-9e1cea24d07e.jpg

 photo 073df586-f125-4d3e-9a8c-bcd76adc61ea.jpg

 photo 53c12ca9-a734-42af-b472-648e2091d789.jpg

Closeups, color descriptions from Morgana.

Blood & Roses is a deep fuchsia red.  I love a nice cool red, and this shade is very wearable.

 photo ee81adc3-bd07-44ef-aa8e-00c5fa50c55b.jpg

Claret is a red-violet.  I was really surprised how much I like this color, it's really gorgeous!

 photo c3fe6013-8791-4364-ba6a-e7311da31ad1.jpg

Shrieking Violet is a vivid violet.  I love this on its own or with a darker gloss over it!

  photo af2b82f2-7e2c-4b90-98d2-19a43de5f392.jpg

  photo 367b9595-8881-41db-8889-91f8f4d85fba.jpg

I know many of you prefer lip swatches, but I'm no good at them, so arm swatches it is.  I hope you've found them helpful, and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wild Wednesday

The daffodils are beginning to bloom.

 photo a40cc051-e337-4510-95bb-c7abb69b57fe.jpg

 photo 589ebf2f-9b78-4e8d-8876-eaf022464946.jpg

 photo 061fdf3b-c463-4638-8846-41fea8a6e8e8.jpg

Thanks for looking!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.

I ordered a full size Glamorous Rebel from the 50's Retro Collection, and five sample sizes of older colors that I didn't have.  As usual, Photobucket is having issues with labeling, sooner or later they'll show up.  I hope.

Lustres applied on bare skin.  Photos taken inside (unless noted) with no flash.

Left to right:  Diabolic Masquerade, Less than Three, Nemesis, Pygmy Hippo, Dragon's Blood, Glamorous Rebel

 photo 399918da-d334-4539-900c-2061edfd6479.jpg

left to right:  Diabolic Masquerade, Less than Three, Nemesis, Pygmy Hippo, Dragon's Blood, Glamorous Rebel
  photo 0176d4af-989c-4db6-ae90-a6504f212643.jpg

 photo 2685f37a-0a40-4b92-9d45-7f898be58ea4.jpg

Close ups and Fyrinnae's color description

Diabolic Masquerade is dark, vampy, and perfect if you're tempted by black lipcolours, but don't want the harshness or grey tones. Diabolic Masquerade is black, but enhanced with subtle glowing red shimmer to offset the darkness. This can be applied over balm or gloss for a softer look.

 photo c0d0fec1-3cf5-4458-81e3-a6a45e5f271b.jpg

Less than Three is a bright lilac-pink matte.

 photo e0b581ef-e55a-4ddb-891e-467e930ccd14.jpg

Nemesis is a rich medium purple.  Nemesis has a somewhat shimmery finish, but is not frosty or sparkly. May leave a pink stain on lips.  Reformulated in February 2013 to give better coverage and more even application.

I was a bit sad when Coffin Velvet, another gorgeous purple lustre was discontinued, but I like Nemesis even better!  I'm in love.

  photo 09190754-fba5-4880-b2fb-7d4404407ae7.jpg

Pygmy Hippo is a medium rosy plum shade, not quite mauve, neutral-warm.    I'd like to say this is a YLBB shade, but it's more a YLBB if your lips kicked ass.  Everyone needs this shade, and you know I'm not a warm leaning fan.

 photo e73f73b1-53e2-4c0f-a2ec-c90dec478bd5.jpg

Dragon's Blood is a deep, rich, cool matte maroon-red, inspired by the vampy lipsticks of the 1920s. Can be applied as a lighter "berry stain" shade over balm.

  photo a7034ff1-4424-4f28-a455-ae380dbd46d1.jpg

Glamorous Rebel is a bright, rich cherry red. A cool hue, but should work for most neutral and olive skintones as well. Matte finish (no shimmer but applies with a slight glossiness), and is likely to stain.

  photo 17b6d415-7150-4f24-b30c-3ceace1ad37d.jpg

Here's a couple of outside pics too. No flash.

  photo 12651da8-574b-4835-b095-d453a036a777.jpg

You can see the red peeking out in the Diabolic Masquerade.  It's very noticeable in person, but doesn't want to photograph.  Using the flash just washed everything out, no flash made the shimmer hide.

  photo b4aa255e-a448-4410-8d17-d62e6d9727eb.jpg

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.