Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recolor with Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Violet

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products mentioned on my own.  Links are for those of you that are unfamiliar with the product mentioned.

I bleached my regrowth first, only in the purple sections of course, then washed that out and dried my hair.  I applied the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in Violet, carefully wrapped that, and about twenty minutes later applied Pravana Chromasilk in black to my regrowth.  I was careful not to get any of the black onto the purple.  After about 20 minutes, I washed it all out, K-Pak'd it, towel dried, and blow dried my bangs.
This was a few hours later, once it was completely dry.  I missed a tiny spot right behind my bangs,  you can see it's a bit lighter, but I put a bit of dye on it the next day so it's all fixed now. 

 photo a5700fce-e572-449e-b5b8-96c15e159f64.jpg

I even had on a purply shirt, instead of my usual black, and subtle makeup since we'd gone to a birthday party for our friends' daughter. The sunlight was pretty bright coming through the window and washed me out a bit, but you can really see the purple well.   You can see it inside too, but it's much more vibrant in the light.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wild Wednesday

The weather's been all over the place, but the crocuses are starting to bloom.

 photo 3054ef74-e4d8-4db2-b709-4379b8335200.jpg

 photo 7e919b97-b1aa-4c00-9cea-4429754fc644.jpg

and the daffodils are working their way up as well.

 photo 9b033891-168f-43f8-a7e0-32229e217f9f.jpg

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Color Tattoo Silver Strike and Fuchsia Fever swatches

Maybelline Color Tattoo Fuchsia Fever was one of the Fall 2012 shades, which you can still find here and there, while Silver Strike is one of the current Metal collection shades.

 photo 79751ff0-14c5-42ae-8aab-988e58379e95.jpg

 photo 8baf42c6-8e88-422d-8c89-82f840a1b797.jpg

  photo d0d8e73b-8b18-4082-b11e-86fea3af6f78.jpg

 photo 0aa96899-1158-4aa7-a60a-7797fcdf5529.jpg

Both are the usual Color Tattoo quality, creamy and fairly long lasting, and worth the $6 to $8 price at the usual places.

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wild Wednesday

These are pictures from last Wednesday's snow.    The dark eyed juncos only seem to visit when we have snow.   The males come first, 5 or 6 of them, then after they're finished the females come.  The males are the darker grey, while the females are a brownish color.

 photo 3bc1a1b4-f41f-46da-b9f4-f43b14d1a90b.jpg

 photo a5a6b3e9-817a-4cbb-bad1-40663a5d6fc1.jpg

There were a few males hopping around the deck, picking up crumbs that had fallen from the suet cakes.  Ian wasn't happy about this; even though the tiny birds didn't sink down into the snow, he felt bad that the snow was so deep and worried the birdies were cold.  I assured him they were fueling up and then going back to warm nests.

 photo 5c7c6fe0-3db0-4604-9100-be7e9976ed2b.jpg

 photo 7b8b21db-c312-4b54-80e9-d93752bdd350.jpg

They don't mind sharing with this small female Downy woodpecker.

 photo 5fba9edc-3359-4a71-9bfd-d62b4338dff1.jpg

I'd like to put some sort of hood over the suet cakes, but it'd have to be up high enough to give each bird plenty of room for fast escapes when the larger woodpeckers arrive.  The small birds scatter when they show up.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Snowy Friday

The forecast for Thursday said snow, and in amounts that ranged from 1 inch to 8 inches.  We didn't get any snow, but the forecasters all started saying the snow would reach us Friday, and it could be about 2 or 3 inches.  So you know where this is heading, right?

It's 10am and here's what's currently in my front yard, and this is all from today.
 photo DSCN1568.jpg

It's still snowing, but lightly, so hopefully there won't be much more.   Granted, I do live in a vortex of weirdness, where you can drive 2 miles down the road and the roads might look different.   During the winter months, it's not uncommon for us to have a solid inch or two of snow on the ground, but a few miles away there's only a dusting.   It does make it difficult to gauge road conditions since it could be super slippery on my road but perfectly clear three roads over.   It's usually a few degrees cooler here too, but that's never a bad thing, particularly in the summer.   Hence, the vortex of weirdness.   I fit in well here!

Here's some random outside pics.  First, the porch railing.   That's a little solar light on the end, lights it up just enough at night.  

 photo DSCN1561.jpg

tree in the front
 photo DSCN1559.jpg

view down the road, thankfully the plow has already been through a few times. 

 photo DSCN1554.jpg

 photo DSCN1556.jpg

If there's only a few inches, I'll shovel the front steps and walk from steps to driveway.  I did the steps, but quickly gave up on the walk.  Hubby can fire up the snow blower when he gets home and have it cleared in no time.

Thanks for looking, now it's time for a cup of hot coffee next to a roaring fireplace!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dorian & Dahl Twist Lipstick Swatches

I bought these Dorian & Dahl lipsticks a while back, had a couple of weeks of uncooperative weather, and lately Photobucket isn't working properly so I haven't been able to get these photos finished and up for you.  They're not labeled, which I dislike, but I don't want to sit on these any longer.

I know a lot of you really don't like arm swatches for lip products.  I keep trying to take lip swatches, but still haven't figured out how to get a good photo.  Besides, isn't my arm a bit like a blank piece of paper?  I ordered three full sizes and received a free sample.  Arm swatch photos taken inside, no flash.

 photo 7163a9c2-8024-43bf-be8c-b2a13c9033f4.jpg

the shades from left to right:

Dorian, Serendipity, Sailor's Delight, and Haughty

 photo b441421d-46f0-460e-89f6-972c2a2b8178.jpg

 photo 1e5d21bd-b0ec-401f-919e-b07b1c4a8223.jpg

Dorian (sorry the sun kept disappearing during the close up pics) - blackened red
 photo 7506ce92-27c5-475a-a467-2db94b7a0213.jpg

Serendipity  purple Mauve with Pink and Silver Sheen
 photo 84ee7216-d8b9-4b3c-80bc-ee5359e151ca.jpg

Sailor's Delight retro blue based red

 photo 2e6daf2d-4fb2-4043-a777-c157ce8576f1.jpg

Haughty a hot fuchsia pink

 photo 78ca6d82-bf31-4ebb-a881-f9a27cc1058e.jpg

 photo 495b6d2b-6b2c-4dfc-b605-fc8a295395a5.jpg

Dorian & Dahl is currently having a close out sale due to the owner being near the end of her pregnancy, but definitely check out her offerings. You can also find items through the Etsy site.  Grab 'em while you can, and keep an eye out for offerings at a later date.

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.