Friday, February 22, 2013

Valentine's Day Flowers

A bit late posting this, but what the hell.  I received some lovely green roses for Valentine's Day from my son (purchased by hubby).  He gave them to me on the evening of the 13th.  They're a pale, sort of spring green shade with slightly darker green edges, actually quite pretty!

 photo a7456918-8263-4330-b7e6-e7a30b0fd809.jpg

And here they are late Thursday afternoon, still looking quite nice after 8 days.

 photo 3d0f45cb-7d53-4023-90cd-5139ed98754c.jpg

I don't have any vases so I just cut the stems a bit shorter and put them in a pint glass.  Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's / Anti Valentine's Challenge

I participated in another challenge with a lovely group of ladies, this time a red and pink look for Valentine's Day.  Or Anti Valentine's Day, which I always prefer.  I threw on a black and red wig for the occasion, and my black lenses.

Here's an inside eye close up, no flash

 photo cb91c53d-8446-4055-b539-778f252541a0.jpg

I really need to learn how to "fix" photos to take the big red vein outta my eye.  Kinda gross, I know, but I suppose it fits with an Anti Valentine's look.

Illamasqua Skin Base #2 on nose and cheeks to cover rosacea.  In the full pics it's visible, since I rubbed it on using my fingers and didn't blend it in everywhere.

No blush, that's my rosacea.  Sometimes you just have to work with it.

MAC  Black cream color base 
Illamasqua Brazen cream blush on lids, a little brushed on browbone to help blend
    (yeah, I know, probably not safe, but it was only for the pics)
Darling Girl Blushing Heart on lid, browbone, lightly brushed under eye
Chinovi Aphrodite along browbone
Evil Shades Date with Death glitter patted here and there
Benefit They're Real mascara top lashes only

I brushed a little Illamasqua Brazen blush into my brows, then added in a bit of Brazen Cosmetic's Bettie brow powder to darken them.

Lasting Finish by Kate (Rimmel) shade 01  
I thought this would be a more blue based red but it doesn't look it on me.  I should've switched lippies but live and learn.

These two are outside, no flash. Sorry the wig is kinda all over, I had to keep adjusting the bangs or my own black/purple hair would show up.

 photo 9261742d-d2ed-4e0d-9a71-8639c095ca7a.jpg

 photo fdc97865-6143-42df-8dbe-eb34c42b982f.jpg

I had a great time doing this challenge.  Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette Swatches

I bought the UD Naked Basics palette a few weeks ago. 

 photo 12da5a0f-3ad5-48cf-861c-0334237b241f.jpg

 photo 49f45f0a-e832-4027-bb9e-638ffd3d451c.jpg

Sorry it looks a bit messy here.  I took this pic after the second set of swatches.

 photo 40432081-98d6-4cca-b5f2-dd08ff21624a.jpg\

Shadows are swatched over a small amount of UDPP using a dry brush.

  photo 8cf47fb7-4fdc-4486-bf27-1d34cf7ec104.jpg

  photo 8042302e-bbed-47f2-a830-74a199f822f1.jpg

  photo 19c051d5-4176-4b17-a997-976acb84b058.jpg

  photo 192c1670-2fbd-41a0-bd17-4db622e1f3bf.jpg

Close ups.  Note color descriptions are from Sephora's website.

  photo ffcc6a79-d0c4-40a5-9653-4ee1ea1a10cf.jpg

Venus is a soft, off white, demi matte

  photo 35a90e37-4776-4346-909c-0fd878695fa7.jpg

Foxy is a very light yellow/white matte

 photo 57fe3cd9-de1c-487b-8fa8-e68c702d4bc6.jpg

Walk of Shame is a very light nude matte

  photo 27393263-415d-48e3-97bd-bf715fc63151.jpg

Naked 2 is a taupe matte

  photo 19059914-8410-469d-b3a9-0dd4a6d1e5cd.jpg

Faint is a warm, dusty brown matte

  photo 49a89fc6-0635-4c94-a26f-22effc65875c.jpg

Crave is a deepest, darkest brown/black matte

  photo 7d338c9f-e4c3-4326-ae18-229309984ba1.jpg

My pics are inconsistent - the sun kept going in and out and I couldn't seem to snap pics during the bright times.  I'm still fiddling with the new camera, which I'm not crazy over.  I'm also having a bit of trouble with adding the text in Photoshop, so sorry if that's a bit wonky as well!

I'm always worried that colors are a bit too warm for me, but I think I can make all but Faint work for me.  Foxy is a bit yellow but I think I it's doable.  The palette is definitely worth the $27.   I think these are good neutrals for most arsenals.  Not a matte fan?  Still good basics, just add a sparkly shade or two to your eyes and the mattes will allow the shimmer to be the superstar. 

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

the Right Size Pictures

OK, I think I've got it now! Long story short, instead of resizing my pictures in Photoshop, then downloading them into Photobucket for labels (which I'm sure I could do in Photoshop if I had any clue how), I finally read through some of the help tips on Blogger. I noticed this feature a while ago but didn't pay it any attention, and now I see why it's there.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  Duh.

I paste the link to my Photobucket picture, hit the "Compose" tab in the top left while typing up the post, then click ON the picture.  A handy little toolbar pops up.

 photo Screenshot2013-02-07at111328AM.png

Now all I have to do is select the right size, and in my case, X Large works perfectly. That's much easier for me than all the other rigamarole. See, now here's that picture of Tuesday!

 photo DSCN1053.jpg

She just walked in and meowed, so that's the Tuesday seal of approval. I'm just happy that the answer was right in front of me, even though it took me a day to see it. Thanks, Blogger!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wild Wednesday

Ok, let's try this again.   Upon further reading, I can either post thumbnail sized photos, which you can click on and be magically transported to the original in my Photobucket album (you might want to right click it and hit "open in a new tab") or I can bombard you with an enormous original.  Your choice.  I've put them both here so you can see how annoying this is.  I really hope the powers that be at Photobucket understand how neither of these options are what the basic blogger like me want.

Since Monopoly's new game piece is a cat, here's some cat pics for you!

Tuesday looking so tiny and cute

 photo DSCN1053.jpg

Tuesday the enormous cat

 photo DSCN1053.jpg

Thursday thumbnail
 photo DSCN1057-1.jpg

Thursday full size

 photo DSCN1057-1.jpg

I don't like the full size photos because it interferes with things on the right side, specifically, other blogs' posts that you may be interested in.  Hopefully I can either move things around in the meantime so the giant photos won't always be an issue.  It's not that I'm one to bitch every time a site makes changes, I just don't see the reasoning in taking away something that worked well to replace it with something that doesn't work so well.   The main purpose of Photobucket, for me, is so I can share pictures, and now it's not so easy.  Sigh.

Editing the text size is a bit tricky, because the text begins to rotate as you attempt to do it.  I did put my blog name on both these pics, but for reasons I don't understand, that text doesn't show up.  I've had this issue in the past w/Photobucket, usually it shows up a few hours later, so we'll see what happens. 

On a positive note, although there's no more "bulk import" I can now simply drag my pics out of iPhoto and right into the Photobucket loading zone.

Ok, enough bitching about this for now.  Enjoy the kitty pics and thanks for looking.

Well, I had something ready

I had a couple of pictures that I wanted to show you, but Photobucket's new changes are giving me some trouble.

I used to simply upload my photos, add text, copy & paste the code right into my blog post, and all was well.  Now the image is far too large.  I've tried resizing it, but no matter what I do, the picture is much too large. 

I read through some info on their site, but now I'm even more confused.  Can someone explain to me how I can simply post my photo so it's the right size?

"We suggest you resize your photos to the resolution you would like to link them as, before uploading them to your account. That way any images that are smaller than 1024x768 will remain that size when linked out across the web."

Oh, so I need to resize them BEFORE I upload them?   I have a Mac, and my options in  iPhoto are: Rotate, Crop, Straighten, Enhance, Red Eye, Retouch, Effects, and Adjust.  Rotate, not it.  Crop, well, I could crop the shit out of the photo but then you won't see half of the picture, Straighten, nope, Enhance makes the colors all weird, Red Eye, nope, Retouch nope (it's only a little paintbrush to cover blemishes & such), Effects sure if I want a sepia photo or blur the edges, Adjust is another way to screw up the colors so the picture looks awful.   So how the hell do they want me to resize my photo BEFORE I upload?

I also usually add some text to my photos, simply put my blog name on them, or add in names if they're swatches so you know which color is which.  That's still available, but I haven't determined how to adjust the size of the writing, which is another issue.  The "Welcome to the New & Improved" info says it can be done, but doesn't explain how.   Guess I need to sit and read through a bunch more on that.

Upgrades are great, providing they still offer the basics that most people use.  Stickers, frames, effects, yeah, I'm sure they're great fun, but not if I can't post my damn pics to fit on my blog.

I think I need another cup of coffee.