Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I don't normally post anything over the weekends, but wanted to remind everyone in the path of Hurricane Sandy to be safe!

We're as ready as can be, and I expect a power outage.  Our power was out for last year's Hurricane Irene, and then again for the snow/ice storm that hit right before Halloween last year.   Those were 7 and 9 day outages, so with Sandy expected to hit closer than Irene, I'm assuming we're looking at another week long outage.

I've got plenty of things that don't require cooking, can be cooked on the gas grill, or can be easily cooked in a pot or pan on my portable cook top.    Flashlights are all charged (I never use candles), the laundry will be finished this afternoon.  The gas cans are full, the cars tanks are full so in an emergency we can always siphon the fuel from the car and into the cans to use in the generator.   Hubby did a test run on the generator last night, everything's ready to go.

Our friends are evacuating from the shore and coming to stay with us like they did last year for Hurricane Irene.  Ian's only concern is that all this may affect Halloween and trick or treating!  I'm glad that power outages don't really bother him. He understands that it's dangerous but doesn't panic or go stir crazy like a lot of kids do during an outage. As long as he has books and a flashlight, he's a happy camper.

Everyone stay safe, and hopefully my power won't be out too long this time.

Friday, October 26, 2012

4 Meow Zombie Apocalypse Swatches

Four shades from Meow's Zombie Apocalypse collection.  Shadows swatched on bare skin with dampened wet/dry brush.  My arm is a bit red from the tape.

The first few are inside, no flash




the rest are outside, no flash.  Sun kept disappearing behind the clouds :(



Close ups with Meow's color descriptions


Undead - a morose shade of lightly pearled gray with pink iridescence and a touch of silver sparkle


Brains over Beauty  - an embalmed gray with a flushed rosy iridescence


Rising - lively metallic berry plum


Post Mortem - the deepest darkest purple we've ever created - alive with a thick sheen of rose luminosity and iridescence

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 Meow Asylum Swatches

I ordered five Meow Asylum swatches.  Photos taken inside, no flash; trying to get the hang of indoor pictures for the upcoming colder, limited sunlight months.

Swatches on bare skin, applied with dampened wet/dry brush.



closeups with Meow's color descriptions

Straight Jacket - cool metallic platinum


Padded Cell - luminescent iridescent lilac


Sedative - warm metallic silver


Bats in the Belfry - gunmetal with silver metallic finish


Basket Case - gleaming metallic grape

one outside, no flash picture

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super Simple DIY Halloween Decor

I saw some colored bottles at the craft store, but aside from being $6.99 each, they had really ugly stickers on them, and one bottle's label was peeled up to boot.  I waited until they were marked down to $1.99 each, and bought one of each color.   I'd already started working on them when a friend told me I should stop, take some pics, and post this.

Here's three of the bottles, after I'd peeled the label off the purple and started the orange.

You can see the sticker on the green bottle, and it's beyond cheesy.   I scraped off as much of each sticker as I could with my nail, then used "Goo Gone" to remove the stickiness from the label.   I washed the bottles in warm soapy water and let them air dry.

I looked through my box of Halloween scrapbooking stickers and embellishments, and found a set that was the right size for the bottles.  The coordinating stickers look much better than the originals. 


Here's the 4th bottle I bought.  I used a Halloween wine bottle sticker for this one.  It's a little large but Ian really liked the cats on it. 


I asked some friends for some empty bottles, peeled off their labels, and put on some more of the wine bottle stickers.  The wine bottle stickers were packs of 9 (three different sized labels of each design) and were marked down to $4.99.


You can't get much easier than that.  Thanks for looking!

Wild Wednesday

Kitties wanted to investigate while I was taking swatch photos.


Tuesday is looking trim in the pic.  We've gradually added regular cat food to Thursday's kitten chow, which means Tuesday isn't eating the kitten chow and getting chubby.  She's vertically challenged, so her weight has no where to go but out.  Thursday is long, lean, and leggy, so her  weight is not a concern.  Although Tuesday's getting older and irritated by Thursday's constant need to play, she's the sweetest cat I've ever owned.


Thursday has a much cuter face in person - in pics she always looks a bit angry but she's got a great temperament.  Her right eye is a bit squinky due to an injury she sustained in her first few weeks while she was a stray.   Two vets have assured me it's ok, but her eye does water.    The shape of her right eye is slightly different from her left (due to the injury), and she doesn't like when the red light from the camera is on her (the "anti red eye" light) so I try not to use it.

There's two sweet reasons to adopt strays :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Meow Cosmetics Dance of Death Swatches

I ordered a few of the Meow Dance of Death samples.

Photos taken inside, no flash.  The sun kept going in & out and I tried to take pictures with a nice sunbeam coming through the window, so some pics are brighter than others.  My arm is a little red from tape :/

Swatches on bare skin applied with damp wet/dry brush.



Closeups with Meow's color descriptions


Spellbinding - white shadow glistening with surprising multi colored sparkle and iridescence


Tombstone - shiny foiled true icy silver/grey


Dirt Nap - earthy (dirt) brown with black undertones sparkling with bronze iridescence and metallic shimmer.


Necromancer - pure black shadow (like warlock and witch) loaded with pink and purple sparkle and fuchsia iridescence


Grave Robber liner - mysterious deep navy with bright blue iridescent undertone

My cat decided to plop herself down in the sunbeam as I was taking the picture, so there's a bit of shadow on the left side.  Sorry!  I'll try to improve my indoor photo taking skills as the days pass.....

I hope you've found these photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Evil Shades Morbidly Beautiful Swatches

My Evil Shades order arrived in a handpainted, sparkly wooden coffin.



Photos taken inside, no flash.  I usually take outside pics, but with the cooler months and fewer hours of sunlight approaching, I'm trying to practice taking indoor shots.  The sunlight comes in quite nicely through the dining room during the morning hours, and I don't have to stand outside in the cold dodging woodpeckers trying to get to the suet cakes.

All shadows and glitter applied on bare skin with dampened wet/dry brush.  Gloss applied with dry brush.



one of those "down the arm" shots so you can see the sparkle

Close ups with Evil Shades descriptions


Death Wish -  ominous blackened emerald with silvery blue shimer and gold, violet, and blue flecks


Hell Fire - nefarious black base with luminous yellow shimmer and red/orange flecks


Dancing with Death - shrouded black base set afire with pink, teal, green, blue, and purple sparkle


Death - black base with deep blue toned violet hovering over the darkness and magenta shimmer


Death Song - foreboding darkest night black with an eruption of metallic pink sparkle


Date with Death - glitter loaded with black holographic ploy glitter accented with silver, pink, red, magenta, and teal all with light base to help this sparkling devil adhere.


Sweet Kiss of Death gloss - moisturizing opaque black base with a spectrum of colored flecks ascending into the depths. (lightly flavored with sweet coffee scent)

I've heard a lot of people wonder why on earth anyone would want a black gloss?  Well, baby bats do tend to like wearing it straight, but most of the people I know add it on top of another product to darken the color.  It works wonderfully when you have a shade you like but it's not quite right!

I took this picture in the kitchen, but I think it's a bit too bright with the sun streaming in, so I guess I'll stick with the dining room instead.


I hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Tree

If you don't already have one, you need a Halloween tree.  While my current tree is only 4' tall, there are so many options out there; check out for all kinds of great trees!  They have a big sale going on right now too, so it's worth checking out.

This small tree is prelit with white lights, but I don't use them.  I hang a string or either purple or orange lights on it instead.  I have lots of lovely ornaments, including little broomsticks, sparkly glass balls, skeleton garland, and an assortment of small bats and ghosts.  Michael's Crafts has a nice assortment of items you can use as ornaments, or simply make your own.

This year we kept it very simple, not knowing how our cat Thursday would react to the tree.  Although we adopted her last year in mid December, she was a bit shy and hung out in the basement until after we took our regular Christmas tree down.  I skipped the garland and just used some ribbon, which she promptly pulled down.  The shatterproof balls are always being knocked down and batted around too.

She's quick, and camera shy, so I had to sneak in a few pictures while she was focused on the tree.


She usually hides behind the tree and pokes her head through the opening in the front.



Uh oh, I think I've been spotted


This 4' tree is available at WalMart - not all stores carry it, but you can order it from their website and use the "ship to store" option.  There was also a black 6' tree at a WalMart not far from me.

I'd really like to get the 6' Pitch Black Pine Tree from Treetopia so I could hang all my Halloween ornaments on it, but I have no where to store it the rest of the year.  I suppose I could leave it up all year - but I'd probably spend half my day keeping the cats out of it.  We have a regular green tree for Christmas, but a black one would really make my Christmas ornaments stand out.....someday I'll convince hubby on this.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chinovi Cosmetics Oh My Gods Swatches

I purchased a few samples from Chinovi's Oh My Gods collection, and received both Dionysus and Hephaestus as free samples.  This was one of those times when I swatched them and thought "now why didn't I order these?"  It's always nice when you receive free samples with your order, but even better when the free samples are colors you like and will use!

I was trying to take advantage of the sunlight, which was quickly moving behind the trees.


I just happened to take the pic at the right angle for once, and you can see the sparkly goodness in the shades.  They really are lovely!  No, I don't adjust color in my photos, WYSIWYG.


Close ups with Chinovi's color descriptions


Artemis is a white silver with loads of silver sparkles.


Hera is a satiny cream with gold shifts.


Aphrodite is a bubblegum pink with hot pink sparkles


Dionysus is a red wine toned purple with pink and red shimmers.


Hephaestus is a muddy silver with red and gold shifts.


Zeus is a medium silver with lots of gold and silver sparkles.

Here's a pic taken inside, no flash


As I've mentioned with other posts showing Chinovi's LE shadows, I really like the way their website is set up with these.  You only have to click on the LE collection and all the info you need is right there.  Scroll over the shade, and you'll see a swatch!

I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking!