Friday, August 31, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Rich Mahagony and L'oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa swatches

I bought these two shades a day apart and though it would be nice to swatch them together. Both of these work well alone or with a mineral shadow over them. I've included swatches of each with Brazen's Mischief. There's also a swatch of Mischief on its own for reference.




Rich Mahogany is a limited edition, Fall 2012 shade. There's 3 others, Mossy Green, Barely Beige, and Gold Shimmer. I'd have picked up Barely Beige but that was all gone :(


Here's a closeup of Continuous Cocoa.

The creamy shades were both applied with a dry wet/dry brush. The Color Tattoo shades, IMO, are creamier and apply much smoother. The Infallible Shadows seem to flake a little (only a little), you might get some stray crumbs. I added Mischief over the shades with a dry tapered brush, and the swatch of Mischief alone was applied with a dampened wet/dry brush.



There's little bits of reddish / gold sparkle in Rich Mahogany. I wasn't really expecting that, but it looks really nice! See how Mischief really sparkles over it in the background.



Continuous Cocoa is a much darker shade, sort of like Raw Umber from the Crayola box. It's got a hint of shimmer in there too. Once again you can see Mischief sparkling in the background over the Continuous Cocoa.


But when it's the focus of the pic, Mischief doesn't want to cooperate. See it by itself sparking in the background again?



This last photo was taken inside, no flash.


I wore Continuous Cocoa with Mischief over it today and really liked the way it looked. When I first swatched Rich Mahogany I wasn't sure, but it's definitely growing on me. Now I've just got to keep my eyes open for that Barely Beige.

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Brazen Bettie and Dita Brow Powder Swatches

I ordered 3g minis of Brazen's brow powders, Bettie and Dita. Bettie is a rich black, Dita is a blue black.

The thicker swatch was applied with a damp wet/dry brush, the thinner swatch was applied using a dry brow brush (very stiff flat liner type). All photos taken outside, no flash, after a thunderstorm. Last photo was inside, no flash. I don't know why my arm looks so red. It's not sunburned, I think it was the sun being weird while I was taking pics.







Inside no flash

I use either Bettie or Dita, whichever jar I grab first. Dita does give a nice hint of blue, and Bettie is the best black brow powder I've ever used! I don't set it with any clear gel, although I suppose I ought to.

I've been told by many a sales associate at various makeup counters and stores that it's recommended to use a shade lighter than your hair for your brows, if your hair is dark. And if your hair is light, go a shade darker. I've used dark brown on my brows and it doesn't make me happy. Brown brows with black hair = no thanks. My look isn't traditional anyway, so I stick with the black. My brows aren't sparse, but they are light brown, and the ends sort of disappear unless I darken them. I think darkening them enhances my eyes overall. For the record, yes, I've used brow tints and even dabbed a bit of hair color on my brows, but it never lasts.

I hope you've found these swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wild Wednesday

This little creature moved into the garden a few weeks ago. She set up her home in between a couple of tomato plants, which should be the perfect place to catch some tasty insects. Hubby was doing a little weeding and almost ended up with her in his hair. The next 2 pics are from August 19th. She's a tiny little girl!


She's a black and yellow argiope, aka garden spider or orb weaver. We were surprised to notice she only has seven legs. One front leg is missing! She's also only about half the size of the orb weavers we've had in the past.


It didn't seem like she was having much luck with insects until a few days ago, when I saw she had a small morsel wrapped up. It might have been a regular fly, kinda hard to tell. I usually visit her each day, and she's getting noticeably bigger, which is a great sign. I'd rather she eat the tasty bugs in the garden than the bugs eat my veggies!

Tuesday afternoon I checked on her and was amazed to find she'd caught a monster! A cicada wandered into her web, and the cicada was much larger than her. Ian and I watched for a bit while she climbed around the cicada, trying to subdue it and get it wrapped up.

hold still cicada, I'm trying to wrap you up.....

the cicada's wing is bigger than the spider!


whew, I need a break.

Notice the damaged web.


The cicada damaged her web, and while it's still not fully repaired, she must've spent some time over the course of the evening getting it fixed. Look closely and you can see there's now web underneath her prize, which wasn't there in the pics above. And she's a bit more plump today too!

Yeah, I know, lots of people are squeamish about spiders. We get the occasional wolf spider in the house, which doesn't thrill me, but I'm quite happy to have this little girl in the garden. When people come to visit Ian loves to have them walk to the garden and then point out the spider. He thinks it's funny when they scream.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Brazen Millennium, Immaculate, and Mischief Swatches

I ordered a few shadows from Brazen Cosmetics.

All swatches applied with a damp wet/dry brush over bare skin. Photos taken outside, no flash, after a thunderstorm. The last photo is indoors, no flash.




Closeups and their Brazen descriptions


Millennium - Pink Champagne w/Purple Sheen & Sparkle.
cin's note - very shimmery, a nice soft pink.


Immaculate - Ivory w/Tons of Sparkle
cin's note - this is a shimmery peachy/pink nude on me, warmer than I normally wear


Mischief - Light Brown w/Cool Undertones
cin's note - a cocoa brown shimmer on me, a lighter brown than I'd normally wear for a crease color

Inside no flash

I've worn Mischief as a crease color, with both Millennium and Immaculate (separately) as all over colors with Mischief. Both Millennium & Immaculate work well with Mischief for a subtle look.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you've found the swatches helpful.

Monday, August 27, 2012

A few changes

I made a few changes to my blog. Over the last couple of weeks I've fiddled around with various templates, unsure what direction I wanted to go. Normally when I'm unsure I wait until I figure it out, but it was well past time to do some updating. Sometimes you have to just say screw it and make the change. I can always change it again if I need to!

I'm sure there are a few things that aren't quite right, so I may have to make a few little changes here and there. I hope the colors are overall easier on the eye.

I've been busy the last couple of weeks. I got my bedroom painted, painted and redecorated Ian's room, and have been trying to get a million other things done. Once school starts in early September, I hope to have a little more time to make more regular posts.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 24, 2012

In Memory of Sophie

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Sophie Lancaster's death. Please take a moment to remember her, as well as the countless other victims of violence.

More information can be found at the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wild Wednesday

The two little fawns that have been hanging around are getting big! I snapped a few pics on Sunday around noon. They're not really clear since I took them through the kitchen window; I kept the flash off so it wouldn't reflect on the glass.







Ian can stand outside on the deck and they don't run away. I guess they don't consider him a threat. If I know they're there and I go outside slowly they stay, but if I open the door quickly they'll run. They love resting near the edge of the wildflowers in the front, then nibble around the back yard. They really like the grass around the swingset, which is chock full of wild strawberries.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Evil Shades - Girl on Fire, the City, Simply Grey, Double Barrel swatches

I ordered a few shadow samples from Evil Shades. These are swatched with a damp wet/dry brush on bare skin, taken outside with no flash. They're all very sparkly and damnit, they don't want to show it in the pics!



Closeups with Evil Shades color descriptions.


Girl on Fire is a Limited Edition. Warm firey metallic red base with molten flecks of gold and red sparkle.


The City is another LE. Cold metallic silver base lit up with black and pink holographic glitter. (you can see the sparkliness in the Girl on Fire pic)


Simply Grey is a velvety matte grey base with an unexpected aqua shift which in some lighting twists the base to appear grey/violet and then is kissed with a sweet pink shimmer.


Double Barrel is Gun Metal gray with multi color shimmer.

I hope you've found the pictures helpful. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wild Wednesday

Lots of rain means the flowers in the front are very tall but not a whole lot have bloomed lately.




this is a new one - they're sprouting up in a few places

The black eyed susans in the back are doing great though.


Thanks for looking!