Monday, November 21, 2011

Cut and (re) Color

I went back to see Samantha at Salon Gratitude for a cut & recolor. It's been 5 weeks since my first visit with her. The second visit was just as pleasurable!

Unfortunately when Amy cut it back in mid June, she didn't cut it the way we had discussed during the consultation. I lost about 8 inches (of length).

I explained to Sami that I prefer long layers in my hair, and that I plan to let it grow again. Unfortunately, since my hair was damaged during the overprocessing disaster with Amy back in August, I'm going to have to keep it shorter than I'd like and continue to cut, cut, cut - until all the damage is gone. It's gonna take a while :(

The amount Sami took off varied, some places it was an inch, other places only tiny snips. She trimmed my bangs, asked me twice if I wanted them shorter. I prefer someone to be more cautious and cut more as needed, rather than cut too much. She reminded me to stop in anytime and she'll trim them for me, instead of me trimming them myself. That's a bad habit that I need to stop.

She took care of my roots, and this time used a glaze on top to bring out the red, which really looks great in the sunlight. The sun was behind me (setting) in these pics, so it's hard to see, but even inside the red is noticeable. She brushed it all out and blew it dry, which I watched but for the life of me cannot duplicate.

Overall I was pleased with how well the color from the first visit with her held up. The few overprocessed pieces did fade more than the rest, but that's no reflection on Sami's work. Fried is fried, not much you can do but wait for it to get long enough and cut it off! I like this color - it's very dark inside, and most people would say black, but it's super dark brown and the red really shows up nicely outdoors without being orangey. It's not as harsh as the black, and definitely more flattering. Hey, I'm no spring chicken, which is why I was going to start moving away from the black in the first place.

It's a little messy since I slept on it!


I was quite conservative in my makeup shades since I had something going on at work. Here's what I have on:

NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia
Illamasqua cream blush in Sob
Detrivore eye primer in white
Miuccia on lid and browbone
Izar in crease, applied sheerly
Ephemeral Violet in crease, very sheerly
Butterfly Kisses above crease & blended onto lid
gel liner in black
black mascara
UD Naked palette Creep in brows
Evil Shades lip gloss in Guilty as Sin

Necklace from The Moon Maiden - this particular necklace can be found here. Take a peek through her offerings but don't blame me if you find 20 items you have to buy right away.

Thanks for looking!