Thursday, September 29, 2011

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV swatches

I purchased this UD collection a few weeks ago at Ulta for $64. These are swatched over UDPP, on a very overcast day.





Color Descriptions, my thoughts italicized where I had anything to add.

Blue Bus - bright blue w/ purple shimmer

Gunmetal - dark metallic silver w/silver sparkle
dark grey, super shimmery

Cobra - sooty black w/golden shimmer

Baked - shimmering bright copper
solid gold, not coppery on me

Bender - shimmering dark mossy green

Lost - shimmering dark brown
bronzed brown

Hijack - greyish green w/blue and green shimmer

Midnight Cowgirl - shimmering gold w/gold sparkle
soft peachy gold

Sin - shimmering champagne
slightly pinky peach

Midnight Rodeo - metallic medium brown w/silver and gold glitter
copper - like a melted penny

Crystal - light silvery blue w/multi-dimensional shimmer
this looked more silver with greenish purple peeking through

Bust - taupe brown w/subtle gray shimmer
medium chocolate

Missionary - light taupe w/pink shimmer

Skimp - shimmering ultra-light nude

Zephyr - shimmering off white

This comes with some small extras - a 24/7 waterproof liner in Perversion (black) which has a brush wand instead of the pen type. Personally, I prefer the brush applicator. It also has a black Supercurl Curling mascara, and original Primer Potion.

It also comes with a mini speaker to attach to my phone or mp3 player, and the cables as well. I suppose that's cute, but frankly, I'd prefer to leave the gimmicky stuff out and give me another makeup product, perhaps a lip pencil or gloss, blush, bronzer, or small setting spray? I realize UD is targeting a younger buyer, but I feel they've missed the opportunity to get me hooked on another product.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dr Martens Gilda boots!

They're here!!! I ordered these around 11pm on 9/13 and they arrived Thursday afternoon. Usually when I order from DMUSA items arrive within 2 days, 3 max, but I think these are well worth the wait. Now when I wear them it'll officially be autumn!

I never get tired of seeing their tissue paper

They look very oval because the cardboard shapers are inside. Take 'em out and they're normal.

I'm in love.

slightly blurry but it's kinda hard to get a picture without falling over


4" heel, very reasonable.

great sole, as usual.

Part of me was really hoping there would not be a zipper on the inside of the boots, because I kinda feel like that's cheating. But the zipper means I'll be able to get them on and off quickly, so I'll wear them more often. Besides, I've got several pairs of 20 eye Docs that are lace up, although none with a heel. These are gonna look great with slightly longer autumn skirts.

They're typical Docs, a little stiff since they're new, but all my other pairs lost that stiffness quick enough. My older Docs (UK made ones) are all UK5 / US7, but the newer ones that are not made in the UK I order a UK6 / US8. The extra bit of room means I don't need band aids on my heels for the first couple of wearings. These feel pretty comfy now, although I'm not quite used to the thin heel.

The calf part is fine for me, but I've never had an issue with boots being tight around my calves. I suppose if they were tight, loosening the laces would give you a bit more room, but I'm not sure how much. If they calf part was too big, not much you'd be able to do except wear some thick cotton cable type tights. But I know this is an issue for some ladies, so I thought I'd mention it.

They're $250, and available in both black and oxblood. I was lucky enough to get them using a coupon code so I snagged them for $200, free shipping. The code was only valid for 2 days so I had to jump on the offer, even though it was a bit more than I wanted to spend. I figure my wedding anniversary is coming up in November so I can tell hubby that he bought these for me ;) I really do love them even though they've only been here a few hours. I'll get a ton of use out of them, so they're really worth the price in the end.

I like to keep boot shapers in my boots to prevent them from bending or falling over. They're plastic, $10, and you can get them at or search online.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kiss My Sass Neutral Swatches

My Kiss my Sass order arrived weeks ago. I took some pictures and forgot all about them. Oops! These are swatched over UDPP.






Color Descriptions, my thoughts italicized (keep in mind I don't look at the descriptions when I jot down my notes so they may be redundant or completely off, it's what I see on my skin):

Satin Snow - sheer nearly matte white
ivory matte

Diamonds & Pearls - a sheer nude/creamy white with a copper sheen & a few silver flecks
shimmery bright creamy ivory

Champagne - light sparkly nude
super shimmery nude, really pretty!

Boardwalk - taupe/brown with violet flecks of shimmer
hint of gold?

Nectar - not on the website, was this discontinued? I don't know!
golden rose shimmer

Sandcastle - matte off-white cream
matte pale lemon

Drama Queen - a sheer nude with a heavy gold sheen
shimmery golden nude

Beach Sand - light nude
golden pinky peach shimmer

Sahara - matte beige/tan
matte peachy

I completely forgot about these since school started right after I received the order. Although Ian's now in school full day, work has been crazy and I haven't had as much time as usual to get blog posts ready or do any of the things I thought I'd have time to do once school started back up. Hopefully soon....

Meanwhile, hope the pictures are helpful, and thanks for looking.

Friday, September 16, 2011

What Do You Look for in a Salon?

What's the most when you look for a new salon / stylist? Here's my list.

1) Quality of Work. I want a stylist who knows what he/she is doing. I usually look for someone who is a high level colorist, because when I do go to a salon for color, it's usually considered corrective. I need someone who knows what they're doing; I can screw up my own hair at home for far less money.

2) Reputation. This goes along with quality of work - a good salon / stylist will have a good reputation. There are always exceptions, because there's a fine line between genius and insanity. But overall, I want a salon that has a good reputation, not one where everyone hears the name and has a horror story.

3) Location. I don't mind having to drive an hour to get to a salon, but there is a definitely a limit.

4) Products. The brands of color a salon uses is a factor. Some brands simply work better on my hair, and other brands have shade options that are non traditional. I'm willing to try a new salon that uses one of my favorites, even if it's further away, than someplace that's closer but uses a brand that doesn't offer a shade I want.

5) General Vibe. That might sound silly to some, but I like to go into a place and get a feeling for it. First impressions count.

6) Online info. I don't understand why a salon wouldn't have an online presence. It doesn't have to be an elaborate website, a simple Facebook page showing pictures of the stylists' work, basic info like hours, location, products used.

7) Scheduling / # of Clients. If my appointment is at 10am, I get annoyed sitting in the waiting area until the stylist shows up at 10:30. Just as a client should be on time for their appointment, so should the stylist. The front desk should also have their stylists' schedules. Don't schedule an appointment for me at 10am if the stylist doesn't come in until noon that day.

I also want to know how many clients a stylist will take care of during my appointment. I understand they may have two or even three clients in at the same time - one's getting a cut, one's processing, one's under the dryer - but if a stylist is juggling too many clients something is going to go wrong. Utilizing an assistant is great, unless the assistant is helping multiple stylists. An extra 5-10 minutes with chemicals on your head can be the difference between what you want and a disaster.

Price doesn't really make my list, but I do like to see the prices to get an idea.I know the going rates in my area. Some master colorists get mega bucks, but I don't mind paying more if I get what I want.

Now it's time for me to go check out two new salons!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Pedal Pusher swatches

image courtesy

I picked up this WnW palette at WalMart last week, I can't remember the exact price but it was just under $5. Shades are swatched over UDPP.






Left side shades
browbone is a barely pink white shade
lid is a soft lavender
crease is a plummy purple
definer is a sparkly blue violet

Right side shades
browbone is a shimmery soft pink
lid is a shimmery golden lavender
crease is a blackened rose sparkle
definer is a silvery shimmer black

There are two other palettes, "Blue Had Me at Hello" (blue shades) and "Comfort Zone" (warmer pinky taupe and greenish neutrals). As I was paying for it, the cashier told me she was wearing the neutral version, and it did look really nice on her. For nder $5, it was worth picking up.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tarte for True Blood Limited Edition palette shadow swatches

I bought this a while back but just hadn't gotten around to getting swatches done and posted. I'm sure you've all seen this palette a million times before.... Ulta no longer has it on their website (I bought mine at Ulta) but Sephora still does, $52 with free shipping.

Ok, I'm going to bombard you with pics now.
















Here's Sephora's color descriptions, my thoughts italicized

The Light
- shimmering warm ivory
shimmery champagnish cream

Fairy - shimmering pink
shimmery barely there soft pink

Dusk - matte warm taupe
peachy/clay nude sort of shade

Dawn - shimmering gold dust
golden peach shimmer

Werewolf - matte chocolate
matte medium brown, but not flat

Waitress - sparkling pink champagne
sparkly coppery color (not so pink on me)

Nocturnal - sparkling deep indigo
black matte base with dark blue sparkle

Charmer - sparkling burnt copper
bronzy copper super shimmer

Glamour Me - sparkling deep plum
dark eggplant with slight shimmer

Stake - matte steel
matte medium grey

Bayou - shimmering golden tan
looks like melted gold, shimmery

Telepath - sparkling warm rose
dusty rose pink, shimmery

The True Death - sparkling silver
molten silver, super shimmery

Immortal - sparkling midnight black
matte black base with barely there silver sparkle

Moss - shimmering forest green
shimmery golden deep green

Legend - deep matte black
matte black

V - sparkling crimson
shimmery burgundy wine

The mascara is a nice black shade, and the liner is really dark black.

Legend is a matte black. Immortal was a bit disappointing. I can see the silver flecks in the pan, but they aren't so easy to see on my skin. Nocturnal is supposed to be indigo, but on me it looked like a black base with some blue sparkle in it. The blue sparkle was more noticeable than the silver in Immortal. Glamour Me is a dark eggplant, not black. But I can see how someone who isn't a fan of super dark shades might feel disappointed. I am a fan of black, so the more the merrier. But I wish there was a more pronounced difference in Legend, Nocturnal, and Immortal. Next time, more sparkle in them please, Tarte!

I do wear the Tarte for True blood cheek and lip tints on a regular basis. I hesitated on this collection because of the warmer shades and metallics, which I really don't wear. But I think I'll wear enough of the shades to justify buying it.

I hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes Contour Kit swatches

I picked up this Benefit kit at Ulta a few weeks ago, $32. Pardon the crumbs from my everything bagel on the table.



This kit contains - from left to right - a concealer / primer, base shadow, contour shade, and liner. There's also two small brushes, one for the shadow and one for the concealer.







I don't see any "official" color descriptions, I suppose the names of the shade are the descriptions. I'll italicize my thoughts as usual.

Boi-ing 02 concealer - see below

Alabaster Pink base shadow
- a peachy pink shimmery shade

Cocoa Shimmer contour - peachy shimmer

Rich Chocolate Brown liner - dark matte brown

Boi-ing 02 - I am going to guess that this is their neutral shade that is great for many people.

I applied this with the "concealer" applicator included in the kit. It went on well, but I took pictures of the shades before blending it in. When I blended the concealer in, it did take a bit more rubbing than I'd normally do with my pinky finger, especially for delicate under eye skin. But this could well be that the product dried a bit in the time it took me to take the first few pictures with the concealer not blended. I would recommend blending it immediately, which I'm sure most of you would do anyway, and not a couple of minutes later.

The color - I didn't expect it to match my skin. It's likely an average concealer shade, and my skin is not only quite fair but also pink, so it did look quite peachy on me.

I hope this is making sense. I have a pounding sinus headache!

All in all, the shades are a bit too warm for my liking. I'm going to pass this along to a friend, who is anxious to get her hands on it.

I hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Urban Decay Stalker & Cherry, Stila Eden

I picked up three shadows at Sephora two weeks ago. I did some swatches while my power was out, trying to get something accomplished. The indoor shots didn't turn out very good though, but at least the outside ones were nice and bright.

The UD shadows were $17 each and the Stila was $18. These were all swatched over TFSI.





Color Descriptions, my thoughts italicized

Stalker - intense lilac with silver glitter
pearlescent berry pink with sparkle, more berry than lilac on me

Cherry - frosted pink with silver micro glitter
cool shimmery soft pink

Eden - matte pink brown
a peachy nude shade, darker than nude, sort of a baked clay shade. It really appeared far more peachy than pinky brown on me.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful. Thanks for looking.