Monday, February 28, 2011

Sugarpill swatches

Sugarpill swatches! Poison Plum (on the far left) is a pressed shadow, the rest are loose shadows. It's raining out - thunderstorm - so no outside pics. I also received a sample of Tipsy but didn't swatch it, I gave it to a green-loving friend. All of these are swatched over a thin layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion.



Sugarpill's color descriptions in italics, my thoughts after.

Poison Plum -Dramatic purple with a semi-pearly sheen. This is a really intense color, absolutely gorgeous. It's rekindling my love for pressed shadows.

Hysteric - Metallic purple with turquoise sparkles and luminous flashes of green. This is my favorite out of all the shades I ordered. It's a great midtone shade, I know I'll get tons of use from it. Yeah, there's green in there, but to me, there's just as much pinky-purple shimmer i there too. That's good, because I don't generally like green in my purple.

Paperdoll - Lovely lavender with dazzling shimmer and sparkle. Really soft and pretty, not as intense shimmer as the metallic Hysteric, but I could easily see using this one a lot!

Birthday Girl - Sweet princess pink with iridescent fuchsia sparkles. My friend's 5 year old daughter wants her bedroom painted this color. Super girly pink, good amount of shimmer.

Decora - Delicious hot pink with iridescent bursts of green. The green isn't overwhelming, it's just enough to give it a watermelon feel on me. This would make a great cheek color too.

- Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen. Gotta love these magenta shades! Gorgeous finish and lotsa sparkle.

Tiara - Brilliant, highly-reflective metallic silver with maximum shock value shine. The micro-fine particles are super tiny, so this looks amazing sprinkled all over as body shimmer too. Perfectly accurate description...I would definitely use this as a body shimmer too!

Stella - The blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle. And how could I not love this one? Super dark black base with multi sparkle. This one would be incredible patted over Pixie Epoxy. My swatch really doesn't do it justice.

I think I'll order a few more pressed shadows next order. Love+ (red), Dollipop (hot pink), Bulletproof (black), and Tako (white) all look good.

Hope you've found these swatches helpful. Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 18, 2011

WnW Knock on Wood & Walking on Eggshells swatches

Haven't worn these shades yet but did swatch them.


The shade at the top of each palette are labeled "Highlight", the middle is "Crease" and the bottom is "Lid" - I've marked them as such in the pics.

Here's the Knock on Wood swatches, the palette on the left in the above picture.


The highlight shade is a warm golden pink with a slight shimmer. The crease shade is a warm golden mid tone brown, and the lid color is a sort of soft wine shade.

The Walking on Eggshells palette is next.


The highlight shade is champagne vanilla color with a slight shimmer. The crease is a golden nutmeg brown, lighter and more orange-y than the crease color from the Knock on Wood palette. The lid is a peachy shade with a bit of shimmer.

The Walking on Eggshells palette is a bit too warm for my taste, but I could still use the highlight. The Knock on Wood is also a tad warmer than I usually do, but I could easily wear any of the three shades paired with something slightly cooler.

Hope you've found the swatches helpful.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Seven Questions: Chyld's Play


If you’re looking for something practical, yet fun and funky, take a peek at Chyld’s Play on Etsy. Danielle offers recycled messenger bags, knit hats and scarves, and interesting earrings and necklaces. I'd like to thank her for taking the time to answer my silly questions! Please note all photos courtesy Chyld's Play.

I've know her for years through another forum, but how to introduce her? How about a little "About Me" type bit first? Danielle, tell us a bit about yourself.

I've never really had any sort of training for anything I do. It's just been trial and error.

I used to watch a friend of mine sew, when we were teenagers and always wanted to be able to do that. Even in Home Ec class, I didn't want to sew, but that was because of the sewing machines. They had these ones that had so many buttons on them that I didn't know what to do. If I ever have a sewing machine, all I want are just the bare necessities...basically just a straight stitch. I prefer to sew by hand. I sew far straighter by hand then I ever did working with a machine.

One day I finally decided to try and make a bag using an old t-shirt...and it's evolved from there :)

1. Why recycled?

I really don't remember what got me started on using recycled materials.
I live in a small town where I don't have access to corduroy or certain other materials right when I need them. I either have to wait until I can get out of town or special order stuff.

The local thrift shop that I frequent almost always has corduroy pants, in all kinds of colors. One day I decided to try and use them for making bags. And now I have two plastic totes full of corduroy.

I got the t-shirt blanket idea from one of those t-shirt surgery books. Also thanks to the local thrift shop I have plenty of t-shirts to make those with as well.

I liked the idea of the messenger bag with a picture from a t-shirt on it. Helps if it's your favorite t-shirt too. Because, you know, you can't really wear your favorite shirt every single day without it starting to look dirty and smell.
With a messenger bag, you can always have it with you then :)

Patchwork corduroy messenger bag

2. Do you prefer any particular materials to work with?

I do like making little things out of fabric, like the wristlets. They're quick to make. I can go into the local quilt shop and buy one of the fat quarters, or two, that they have already cut out for quilters and make two or three wristlets, depending on the print.

I also love making the eclectic earrings. It's fun to just grab random beads and add them to the earrings. I think the Lego ones are my favorite so far.

Mega Blok earrings


3. Can you give us a "dummy's guide to" what the heck is loom knitting and how it differs from regular knitting?

I think loom knitting can be easier than regular knitting, since you use a round/rectangle loom, instead of knitting needles. You can make all kinds of items on these too. You can either experiment or start with the instruction booklets.

You really don't have to know anything about knitting to use these, so that's a plus. You don't have to worry about dropped stitches either, because with regular knitting you have to go back and rip it out until you get to that dropped stitch.

I've watched my friend knit and I just can't seem to grasp it, same with crocheting.

Pink & White knit winter hat, cupcake style!

Green & white scarf

Fun fur scarf

4. Why is it when you see a nice little old lady knitting in a movie, you just know those knitting needles are going to end up being used as a weapon later on?

I have no idea, but it's so true :)

5. Tell me a bit about your personal style.

I really don't know what my personal style is :) Personally I love the steampunk look and the gothic look...the rocker chick look...etc... If I had all the money in the world, I'd have a closet full of awesome clothing :)

6. What are your influences?

Hmmmm...I seem to get inspired by lots of things. Sometimes I just see something in the store and immediately know what I can make with it, or make it into. I always think it's neat when a crafter makes something and another crafter gets inspired by that.

I know something I'm watching or reading..or even music I'm listening to can inspire me.
Right now I'm reading a vampire book...and I keep wanting to make vampire themed items.

I've always been watching Supernatural, which is making me want to make something inspired by that show. I just haven't figured out what yet.

Vampire Earrings

Broken Heart Necklace

7. Fill us in on your TNT sale and the AttackoftheCraft team, please!

AttackOfTheCraft has a forum where anyone can go and join ( "For Crafting Misfits"). We talk about all kinds of stuff, not just crafts. It's lots of fun :)

TNT is a sale that was started back when it was the DIYScene Team, then it changed to Craftanon Team, and now it's the AttackOfTheCraft team. It's usually every Thursday. Every week a sale is chosen - free shipping, a percentage off, etc. Then we promote it all day and also have a chat hosted on the Etsy site to help promote it.

Danielle, thanks again for your time.

Danielle has 100% positive feedback on Etsy, and has also sold on Goth Auctions for approx 8 years with stellar feedback there as well. She really is a sweetheart. She accepts Paypal, and ships anywhere, just take a peek at her Shop Policies for more info. She also offers vintage items through a second Etsy shop, Vintage CD Chyld.

Don’t forget to check out Attack of the Craft on Thursdays!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WnW Don't Steal my Thunder swatch & eye

I wore the Wet n' Wild "Don't Steal my Thunder" palette yesterday. I have mixed thoughts on this one.


Swatched over UDPP



UPDD crease/browbone
MAC cream color base in Black on lid
Shade 1 (the highlight shade) on browbone
Shade 3 (lid color) in crease area
Shade 2 (crease color) on lid
Fyrinnae Immortality patted over Shade 3
L'oreal Double Extend mascara in Carbon Black
Meow Brow Beater in Black

Inside with flash, taken around 6pm.



This one I snapped outside, no flash, around 12:30, shortly after I applied my shadow. Weird light - I was in the shade of my garage but the sun was insanely bright. The shadow really did look this dark in person after I applied it though!

Shade 3 is a matte black, but it's not super flat. I thought it looked ok but it desperately needed a little sparkle, and Immortality just happened to be sitting on the counter waiting for me. I patted a bit on over the WnW black, just enough to give it a little kick.

I think I should've skipped the silvery shade, which really didn't do anything to make me happy. I thought using the MAC black cream would help keep it looking black, but after a while I thought it looked far more super dark blue than black. I think the silvery shade added to the blue effect. I used to put dark brown shadow under black to help keep it looking not so blue. I think I'll try that next time. The shadow did crease, but that's from the UDPP.

I did like the shadow overall - while this certainly wouldn't be the first thing I'd grab, it would be easy to toss in my purse to use for touch ups. The $4.99 price is part of the attraction - anyone on a budget will appreciate these palettes.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wet n' Wild Lust palette swatches

I swatched some of the Wet n' Wild stuff I bought the other day. I didn't use the foam applicator the palette came with, I just used cotton swabs. The palette came with one foam applicator and one little brush.




Shade 1 is a really light pink, I'm not sure about it as is but with something a bit sparkly over it would be great. Matte

Shade 2 is a cream shade, simple enough, one step above matte but really not shimmery.

Shade 3 is a fantastic shade of purple, matte. Sort of reminds me of a no-sparkle version of Still in Hollywood, one of those purples that both warm and cool ladies can wear. Can't wait to wear this one!

Shade 4 is a medium to charcoal grey shade, slight shimmer

Shade 5 is a blackened plum color, matte

Shade 6 is matte black with a small amount of purple shimmer

I like this palette. Adding other, more sparkly shades on top of some of these would really make them interesting. I'll have to wear these to see how the staying power is.

Here's the singles, which did not come with any applicator.


Sugar is a white shade with a slight shimmer to it. Different than the Shade 1 from the Lust palette above, more white.

Nutty is a golden nutmeg brown, slight shimmer. Not quite what I was looking for, a bit too warm, but could still be incorporated using some cooler shades with it.

I had just cleaned all my brushes, not thinking I'd need them for swatches. Maybe for pressed shadows I'll get a 50 pack of the foam applicators just for swatching. Seems kind of silly to use them once & toss them, but the cotton swabs on pressed shadows = not so much.

Hope you've found these swatches helpful. Thanks for looking.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Larenim eye shadow swatches - 5 shades

I took advantage of Larenim's recent promo to spend $25 and receive three full size shadows. My samples arrived within a week. They probably would've arrived sooner but with all the snow we didn't have mail delivery a couple of times!

My items arrived in a padded (bubble wrap) thick envelope, wrapped in purple tissue paper. It contained a nice glossy double sided sheet featuring other Larenim items, as well as a second non-glossy featuring awards Larenim has won. And of course my packing slip!




Each sample (which is labeled "mini" is approx 1/4 teaspoon. For some reason all of my makeup measuring spoons have grown legs and walked off, so I used a regular kitchen measuring spoon set. I pressed the shadow firmly into the 1/4" teaspoon and there was a teeny bit still in the jar, as well as some in the lid. The samples were $3.95 each.


Since I had several overcast days of wintry mix (snow, rain, frozen rain, and a little hail), I didn't get any outside pics. I didn't want to keep waiting since who knows when the sun will reappear, so only two pics.



Here's Larenim's Color Descriptions (italicized) and my own thoughts.

Midnight Magic - sexy topaz with a shimmer of rainbow. Nice shade, shimmery but not over the top. This would be a good go-to neutral for anyone who prefers a subdued eye

Ethereal - An extremely delicate and refined brown. Universally pretty. I didn't really care for this one. It's sort of flat, and leaning a bit too warm my taste. It'd probably look good incorporated with other shades that are closer to my preferred palette though, I'll have to wear it to see.

Glazed and Confused - lavender/grey with iridescent finish. This shade looked more taupe/grey on me than lavender. A bit of shimmer, not really iridescent in my book but I suppose I'm more used to really over the top iridescence from other brands like Fyrinnae. This would be good for ladies who think they're afraid of shimmer.

Truth or Dare - regal plum with satin finish. This shade looked much more reddish on me than plum. Nice finish, not matte but not sparkly.

Pink Divinity - A pink so divine you'll believe it sprinkled down from Heaven! This shade contains carmine, for all the vegans out there. It looked more whitish pink than pink on me in person. Good for a highlight, nice amount of shimmer without being too over the top.

Thanks for looking!

Larenim eye shadow swatches - 6 shades

Here's the rest of my recent Larenim order. I was much happier with these shades, they're much more "me" than the first 5 I swatched. The other shades were pretty, but more neutral than I'd use for everyday.



Larenim's Color Descriptions are italicized, my thoughts after.

Lust - Light pink with soft sparkle and pearlescence. This shade looked white on me, not light pink. Nice finish.

Purple Reign - Deep, shimmery royal purple. This is part of their Goth Collection. While I appreciate their having a Goth Collection, I think many women wouldn't even bother to click on the tab and miss this lovely purple, which is a shame. It's a gorgeous shade, with a hint of blue to it. I don't usually like blue in my purple but this is really nice. Good amount of shimmer too, but not over the top.

Northern Lights - The mystical aura of the Northern Lights adds a touch of mystery. I'm not sure what this shade is supposed to be. Maybe a bit of everything? It sort of looks brownish, sort of purplish, I'm a bit at a loss on how to explain the shade. I think it's one of those that will vary based on what colors you pair it up with.

Enigma - A dramatic metallic silver with big iridescent bling! This looked more white than silver on me, but a nice amount of iridescence to it. Still not on the Fyrinnae level of iridescence, but a step in that direction.

Loli-Pop - A pinkish red wash reminiscent of the stain of a cherry Popsicle. Contains carmine. Part of the Goth Collection. I contemplated Black Rose (velvety black rose for eyes and lips) but when I saw the free selections I decided to skip the Black Rose and go with Loli-Pop. It does remind me of the Cherry Popsicle stain. I apologize that my swatch got a bit of Mystic Breeze sprinkled on it. I'm normally careful to prevent any cross contamination but I think I was just a bit out of sorts that day.

Mystic Breeze - A sensuous opalescent lilac. Very Pretty! On me, this did not look anything vaguely purple-ish. And you know how disappointing that was for me, being a purple fiend. It was more gunmetal/greenish, pretty, just not a shade for me. I'm going to pass it along to someone I think might like it. I originally chose Sacrifice for my third free choice, but at last minute I changed it to Mystic Breeze.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Seven Questions: I KICK SHINS

What are hair falls? You’ve heard me mention them and seen pictures of me wearing them, from simple to completely over the top. Hair falls are simply hair pieces that you attach to your own hair, either by elastics, ties, or clips. Isn’t that just an extension? Well, yeah, I suppose. But when you hear a woman say she’s getting extensions, what do you think of? A trip to the salon, and either human hair or synthetic pieces being woven into or bonded to your own hair. Generally speaking, extensions are natural looking pieces that add length, fullness, and sometimes a bit of color to your own hair. When I think of falls, not only does my imagination run wild, but I think of pieces that I can easily do myself, without damaging my own hair.

I KICK SHINS has been creating custom pieces since 1999, and selling them since 2001. Proprietress Sarah offers several types to choose from, straight loose falls, silky curls, dreads, braids & twists, and the ultimate in fun, Cyberlox. I’ve owned several of her creations over the years, and they’ve all been top notch. I'd like to thank Sarah for taking the time for this interview. Please note all photos courtesy I Kick Shins.

Toyokalon loose falls

Long silky curl falls

1) What drew you to create hair pieces?

When I was fourteen or so, I had my heart set on having waist-length braided extensions. I went online in search of a salon in my area that would do them and stumbled upon Quinnster's Hair Guide. I did my first two sets of braids on myself using the tutorials and the information on the forum, and picked up more skills from there.

Braid falls
2) Roughly how many hours per week do you spend on your business, between creating pieces, ordering supplies, all the little behind the scenes details that operating your own business takes?

I work around 60 hours a week in a normal week, and more like 70-80 right before Burning Man, Halloween, and Christmas.

3) Customers select the colors for their pieces, but do you have any favorites?

In general, I like doing anything rainbow. I've always based a lot of my
business decisions on having the widest selection of colors possible, so getting to take advantage of that selection is always fun. My all-time favorite pieces to make are neon rainbow dreads where all of the colors are grouped together in order, like these:
I've done probably a dozen identical sets like that, but it never gets old.

4) What's the wildest/craziest/biggest piece you've ever created?

A customer ordered 150 double-ended dreads (which is really more like 300 because they're folded over) and 50 yards of cyberlox. I never saw the finished product, but he did say he was planning to wear them all together at the same time. I imagine it looking something like a mighty, neon-colored palm tree.

Cyberlox - imagine that guy wearing all of his at once!

5) What's your personal style?

I've recently taken to dressing like Nancy Botwin from Weeds: cut-off jeans and mini skirts, loose flowy tops, and either cowboy boots, combat boots, or flip-flops.

6) What inspires you?

This probably sounds silly, but food! Most of the pre-made extensions that I make are inspired by whatever food I'm craving--a set of lime green and red dreads in honor of Sonic's Cherry Limeade, purple and pink striped streaks in lieu of a mixed berry yogurt--you get the idea.

Sarah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s inspired by food. Makeup colors make me hungry!

7) I **love** the name I Kick Shins. Care to tell us how that came about, or is it a secret?

When I was in high school, me and my boyfriend at the time went to Ozzfest to meet up with some of his friends that I didn't really know that well. We went to the pay phones for some reason and while we were waiting in line, the boyfriend went to get a drink and left me with his friends. One of them noticed and said I should kick him in the shins for leaving me there. When he came back, I did, and a website was born ;)

Sarah is an active member of several online hair communities.
Hair Extensions Forum (username: ikickshins)
Fakehair at (username: ikickshins)
Dread To Be Different (username: Leperqueen)

You can shop at her store,, and also on Etsy at I Kick Shins website is easy to navigate, offers color charts to help you decide which colors you want – although honestly, every time I look at them I end up wanting more! There’s lots of hair supplies as well as extras like rexlace, a wide variety of barrettes and clips, headbands, dread and pony beads, and a good selection of non-hair accessories like goggles (a must have!), false lashes, mini top hats, jewelry, and even a thrift shop for clothing.

Simply choose a base color for your fall, then add as many accent colors as you’d like. Toyokalon and Kanekalon color charts show your color choices. You can select short falls, long falls, extra full falls of either length, single pieces or pairs. Prices vary based on your choices, but are clearly posted on the site. (No hidden surprises after you order!) Processing time is displayed for each category, dread falls do take longer than others.

If you can’t decide exactly what you want, check out the Customer Gallery for some fantastic pictures of customers wearing their creations. But be forewarned, you’ll see many spectacular pieces you’ll need to own!

Thanks again to the always lovely Sarah for the interview and photos.