Saturday, October 30, 2010

5 Morgana Cryptoria 2010 Haunted Eyes swatches

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

Morgana's 2010 Haunted Eyes collection, only 5 of the 8 shades (I skip the greeny ones).

Top row dry, bottom over Pixie Epoxy. Shades are left to right. First pic inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Click on pic to enlarge.

Harbinger - Cryptic - Zombie Tramp - Bloody Mary - All Holos Gleam

Morgana's Color Descriptions
Harbinger - Deep metallic wine with flecks of aqua
Cryptic - blackened plum with aqua, pink, and violet sparkles
Zombie Tramp - Charcoal Plum with glowing sparks of pink, copper, and gold
Bloody Mary - Warm & nearly matte red. Not a true red, NO Carmine in it
All Holos-Gleam - Metallic navy with holographic sparkle

Fyrinnae Parental Advisory, New Moon's Light, Nevermore, Sennyo, Meerkat

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

Some lovely purple/raspberry shades from Fyrinnae! Top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. Shades are left to right. First pic inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Click the pics to enlarge.

Parental Advisory - New Moon's Light - Nevermore - Sennyo - Meerkat

Fyrinnae's Color Descriptions
Parental Advisory - Vivid shimmery royal purple. Almost two-toned because it has a blue base, yet the shimmer takes on a slightly iridescent reddish hue.
New Moon's Light - Rich violet, just between royal purple and royal blue, slight satin finish
Nevermore - A nearly-matte vibrant purple, fairly neutral, but leaning to pink. Slight satin finish. NOT lip safe.
Sennyo - Vibrant, shimmery, sparkling pink-hued purple. Fyrinnae notes it does not work well over Pixie Epoxy
Meerkat - Vibrant pink-purple with gold shimmer and sparkle highlight.
Part of the 2008 Endangered Collection. Fyrinnae notes this shade does not work well over Pixie Epoxy.

Illamasqua Cream Foundation

I finally tore myself away from Illamasqua's Rich Liquid Foundation to try the Cream Foundation that I ordered at the same time.


I ordered the CF110 (on the left) from Sephora a few weeks ago, the CF115 (on the right) from Beauty Bay after that.

Prices vary for the 0.28 oz compact with handy mirror and foam applicator. Sephora's price is $34.00 Beauty Bay is $28.10 and Illamasqua's site is £21.00, roughly $29.35 (obviously conversion fluctuates). Illamasqua offers this foundation in 16 shades, Sephora carries 8 and Beauty Bay carries 11.

Illamasqua's blurb - "Create a base that brings out the bold in you. Illamasqua Cream Foundation works with your skin to cover and enhance. It blends easily, allowing you to vary coverage as much or as little as you need, effortlessly balancing uneven skin tone and giving you the control to create a flawless finish."

This foundation has a light scent. I double checked some reviews and a few ladies mentioned it had a vanilla scent. I liked it. I could actually smell it on my face when I went to work, which isn't a bad thing. It was faint, but it was there, so if you're sensitive to scented products, go sniff it at Sephora first.

The Feel - This is really hard to describe. When I applied it I wasn't really crazy over it, it did feel a tad heavier than I wanted. It could have been the foam-type applicator that was throwing me off, the way I brushed it onto my skin. But it didn't feel mask like after a few minutes, and then it felt like any other foundation. It did glide on quite nicely, and only a small amount is needed. (see "Staying Power" for more) Keep in mind my skin is quite dry.

The Color - Use Illamasqua's color chart to decide which shade. Just roll over the shade and you'll get a picture of two people wearing that shade, which I find very helpful. I also love that they use both male and female models to show their foundation. Guess I'm just a sucker for a guy in makeup....

CF110, which is white with pink undertones, was perfect. It goes on very light but within a minute or two disappeared right into my skin. CF115 seemed to match better when I first put it on, but after a couple of minutes I could see it wasn't right. The usual beige tinge, the tell tale sign that it's the wrong shade. But I knew it would be not-quite-right, I bought it to use with the CF110 to minimize redness. There are reviews that suggest CF110 is not a natural looking shade. It's probably not on most people, but those of us who have to mix in white mineral foundation or various color correctors to make a shade light enough, it's heaven sent.



Coverage - I expected this to be a heavy coverage, but I felt it was more average coverage. It didn't conceal my rosacea as well as the Rich Liquid Foundation. I needed to apply a little cream concealer to minimize it. This foundation would work well for those who do not have rosacea or other skin issues. I didn't find it to be mask-like or heavy at all.

Staying Power - I've worn this foundation for a few days (4?) and I think the staying power is fine. It didn't crease around my eyes or fine lines. It looked great at the end of the day.

Since it's been an eternity since I used a cream foundation, the first try ended up with too much product on my face. It's easy to think you need more than you do on the foam applicator, but remember the "less is more" and you can always add if needed. I buffed the excess and was careful with how much I put on the applicator on subsequent applications. I gave it a minute, then applied a dusting of green tinged finishing powder. I rubbed my face on my shoulder and did not have any product transfer to my black t shirt. But keep in mind, it's very easy to apply too much product, which will definitely cause transfer.

Tweaking - No need to tweak the color, but as mentioned above I will need to use a cream concealer to minimize rosacea. I also plan to use the CF115 to help minimize redness.

Overall - I wasn't sure whether I wanted to like this or not, because I'm so happy with the Rich Liquid Foundation. But overall, I do like it, more so each day. It's nice to have more than one option, and not have to be mixmaster general to get the right shade. I plan to use this foundation on my light rosacea days, and stick with the Rich Liquid Foundation on the medium to heavy rosacea days.

And of course - don't forget Illamasqua supports the Sophie Lancaster Foundation with the sale of its Sophie black liner pencil, wristbands, and "click to donate" option. I also purchased their Gleam Cream and Light Liquid Foundation. I've been itching to try the Gleam Cream, but wanted to use this Cream Foundation alone for a few days so I could review it. I can see Illamasqua is going to put a bit of a dent in my makeup budget!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Morgana Cryptoria Matte & Bloody Mary swatches

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

I do love mattes. Here's some swatches of Morgana's matte collection, along with Bloody Mary. Ian insisted I swatch it, and he wanted it between Blush & Barely Lilac. He's got a cold, and a sniffly 5 year old deserves a bit of indulging! Although I normally swatch dry and over Pixie Epoxy, for these shades I just applied them over Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

Colors are left to right. First pic is inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic is outside no flash, fourth is outside with flash. Remember to click the pic to enlarge.

Snowsheen - Blush - Blood Mary - Barely Lilac - Grape - Bistre - Graphite

Bloody Mary is from the 2010 Haunted Eyes collection, and is a warmer red than 2009's "Old Bloody Mary", which is more cool toned. The 2010 Bloody Mary is vegan, contains NO carmine. Old Bloody Mary does have carmine. Both options are lovely, and always nice to have that choice!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fyrinnae La Noche, Victorian Vamp, Mephisto, Princess of Darkness, Darling Misfit

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

Some Fyrinnae swatches. All are top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. Shades are left to right. First pic is inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic is outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Click the pics to enlarge.

La Noche - Victorian Vamp - Mephisto - Princess of Darkness - Darling Misfit

Fyrinnae's Color Descriptions
La Noche - Deep sapphire blue, dark like an Autumn evening sky, yet gleaming when light catches it. Not lip safe. Part of the Dia de los Muertos collection.
Victorian Vamp (formerly Black Plum) - Deep, dark plum shade with a little white sparkle
Mephisto - deep royal blue with a vibrant metallic red sheen that's quite striking when the light hits it. Metallic finish, not sparkly.
Princess of Darkness - rich berry-magenta with a slight satin finish.
Darling Misfit - deep magenta-pink with a contrasting aqua highlight.

Mephisto - all the colors you think you see in the swatches really are there. This color is more purple dry, but over the Pixie Epoxy it's mesmerizing!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Shattered Equinox 7 swatches

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

I ordered 7 samples of Meow's Shattered Equinox collection which arrived weeks ago but I've been so busy I haven't had time to do swatches, or the weather hasn't cooperated. Trying to get lots done today though!

My swatches are done top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. Shades are listed left to right. First pic is inside no flash, second is inside with flash. Third pic is outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Remember to click the pics to enlarge.

Bane - Perverse - Dour - Melancholy - Morose - Purpuraceous - Violaceous

Meow's Color Descriptions
Bane - intensely opaque, creamy metallic buffed silver with a soft buffed finish
Perverse - muted golden plum berry
Dour - midnight plum with golden sheen
Melancholy - understated quiet plum with golden sparkle and rosy sheen
Morose - smokey sultry eggplant with metallic sheen
Purpuraceous - bright juicy grape with soft metallic cherry sparkle
Violaceous - brilliant aubergine with wine undertones and berry sheen

The other 7 colors all look really pretty, but I just don't do blues, greens, yellows, golds, or coppery/bronze shades.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Morgana Lipstick Swatches - Rosy Plum, Apple Plum, Cotton Candy, Twinkling Rubies

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

I received a small Morgan Cryptoria order last week but haven't had much time for swatches. It's overcast today so tough to get a good outside picture, but hopefully these will be helpful.

From Left to Right:
Rosy Plum, Apple Plum, Cotton Candy, Twinkling Rubies

Inside no flash

Inside with flash

Outside no flash

Outside with flash

Color Descriptions:
Rosy Plum - Earthy rose with a metallic plum sheen
Apple Plum - A rich red with pink-plum sheen
Cotton Candy - Bright pink with silver sparkle and a metallic silver-pink sheen
Twinkling Rubies - Red with shifting sparkles of pink and gold. Light Strawberry scent.

There's more "coming soon" shades listed on Morgana's site, can't wait to see them!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation

I've been eyeing up the Illamasqua cream foundation for a while now. I wasn't sure about the liquid simply based on reviews I'd read. Sometimes you have to really puzzle over reviews to figure them out. Sometimes you get some good info, other times not so much. But lovely Phyrra convinced me to give the Rich Liquid Foundation a try.

stock image courtesty Illamasqua, shade 100

Sephora offered one of the two shades I wanted to try: RF105 but not RF115. RF105 is a white with pink undertone shade. RF115 is "for very light skin with neutral undertones". Sephora did offer RF120 for light skin with pink/rosy undertones, but frankly, the swatches on both Sephora's site and the Illamasqua site - which did not look at all the same, btw - didn't look right. I went with the RF105.

Sephora's price is $34 for 1 fluid oz, Illamasqua's is £21 (about $33.40 currently). Their blurb - "Lock away your inhibitions and bring your confidence to the fore. Loved by professional make-up artists, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation provides maximum, long-lasting coverage without feeling or looking heavy. It blends easily and hides problem areas perfectly. Create your canvas, then paint your work of art."

The original swatch photos from this blog post have been lost, but I've added some later photos in you may find helpful for color comparison. 

The Feel - this really is "RICH" - it's quite thick, much thicker than most traditional liquids. I gave it a good shake, and had to squeeze to get a drop out of the bottle. It didn't feel greasy on my skin, but keep in mind my skin is exceptionally dry. While I didn't think the LORAC Breakthrough Performance foundation felt greasy either, in comparision, the LORAC does feel a bit oilier to me. When I apply the LORAC using a makeup wedge, it glides right over my skin. With this Rich Liquid Foundation, it required more effort to evenly apply with the wedge, but that's not a bad thing to me. It's definitely a heavier/thicker formula, but again, did not feel at all greasy/oily to me. It also gives my skin a matte look.

Note this foundation DOES NOT have any sunscreen protection in it. I use a separate sunscreen daily, never relying on protection from my foundation. Sunscreen may give your face a slight sheen - some of mine do.

The Color
- RF105 is white with pink undertones. Illamasqua offers 16 shades, Sephora carries 9 of them. If you plan to order online, definitely use Illamasqua's color chart. Roll over the shade and you'll get a picture of two people (male and female) wearing that shade, which is quite helpful. I've worn it 4 times before writing this review, and am quite pleased to say it absolutely matches my skin. When first applying, it goes on very white, and I thought it wouldn't work. But I always allow a few minutes for my foundation to "settle in" - mineral foundation in particular always turns darker on me after a few minutes. This was no different. About 5 minutes later, it was like I had nothing on my face. WOW! I've read several reviews that said this shade is not a "natural" looking shade. It probably isn't on most people, but for those of us who have to mix in Meow's Snow Lynx or any color corrector to lighten up liquid, this is it.

Coverage - This is a full coverage foundation. I had a light rosacea day and a medium rosacea day, and on the light day it covered everything perfectly. On the medium day, it covered much better than anything else I've used with only one application. On heavy rosacea days, I'll probably need to apply a little cream concealer, but I'm so used to doing that it's no big deal. I felt it evened everything else out well.

Staying Power - lasted all day & well into the evening with no creasing around the eyes or any fine lines. I read a few reviews that said this foundation transferred easily but I did not find this to be the case. A small amount is all that's needed (the amount on the wedge above is what I used for my entire face), and buffed in with a makeup wedge, there should be no rubbing off. I could see how applying too much and not removing any excess would cause it to transfer.

Tweaking - no need to tweak on normal days. I can't believe I just said that! Really, it's amazing. I've NEVER had a traditional foundation match my skin, ever. A light dusting of green tinged finishing powder is all I've been using over this.

Overall - guess you all know I'm completely in love with this foundation. While I've been using the LORAC Breakthrough Performance Foundation for the last few weeks, I still need to apply a lighter mineral foundation over it or mix it in to get a better color match. No need to do that anymore! The very notion of applying a foundation right out of the bottle - what a novelty. I also bought the Illamasqua's Cream Foundation, so if I can tear myself away from the liquid for 5 minutes, I'll review that as well.

But even better - I've known about Illamasqua for some time - I have friends in the UK that use various Illamasqua products. But one thing that I really like about them is their SOPHIE page. They offer the SOPHIE pencil, £12.50 for a 0.05 oz black liner pencil, and donate £3 from the sale of each to the Sophie Lancaster foundation. They also offer SOPHIE wristbands, and have a "£1 DONATE TO SOPHIE" option. If you don't know about Sophie Lancaster or the foundation, just click here.

Hope you've found this review helpful!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meow Cosmetics 6 Alien Abduction Swatches

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

Next up - Meow's Alien Abduction! I only ordered 6 of the 19 shadow shades, since you all know I don't wear many colors. Plus I really am trying to stick with the low buy (the NO buy is out the window).

Swatches are left to right, top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. First pic is inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third is outside no flash, fourth is outside with flash. Remember to CLICK the pics to enlarge.

Probe - Mind Control - Abductee - Sighting - Close Encounter - Vivisection

Meow's Color Descriptions
Probe - sparkly sheer silver/gray
Mind Control - soft lusty lilac with a blue iridescence undertone
Abductee - silver sparkly muted thistle (LE shade!)
Sighting - rosy hued violet shining with raspberry iridescence
Close Encounter - crystal clear purple crocus with iridescent luminous blue undertone
Vivisection - dark cabernet wine with velvety red sheen and sparkle

I love Probe - dry, it's soft and super shimmery, and would make a wonderful highlight shade. Over the PE, it's more silvery, better for midtone/crease use. Fantastic either way!

Sighting - it really pops over the PE, super vivid and fantastic! Even though I'm not big on blue, it's gorgeous in person.

There's a few others I should have ordered - don't know why I didn't. Maybe it's because I usually order around 1 to 2am, my brain must've been elsewhere. UFO, Xenophobe, Gray Matter, and the Radiation glow powder, you're next on my list!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meow Cosmetics 5 Sunless Sea Swatches

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

I ordered five of the nine shades from Meow's Sunless Sea collection. Swatches are: Top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. First pic is inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic is outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Remember to CLICK the picture to enlarge!

From Left to Right:
Urania, Erato, Clio, Calliope, Polyhymnia

Meow's Color Descriptions:
Urania - silvery pearlized taupe
Erato - creamy vanilla hued biscuit
Clio - bronzed buffed neutral
Calliope - shimmery golden rose toned fawn
Polyhymnia - soft pastel plum with silver sheen

These are all really soft, pretty shades, and all super shimmery! Urania and Erato are both great for highlight/browbone shades applied dry. Over the PE, they're much more vivid, good for a bolder look. Clio, Calliope, and Polyhymnia would all be good for either a mid-tone lid shade or applied wet for a crease color.

I didn't get the other four shades - Thalia (pale pink w/muted coral), Melpomene (true denim blue), Euterpe (pale pearly pistachio - say that fast 10 times!), and Terpischore (shimmery salmon rose) since I don't wear blues, greens, or salmon/orange tinged pinks. They all look good - I was going to get them just to swatch but I got a bunch of Meow's Halloween shades instead!