Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Darling Girl Nine Ghoul School Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product.

Darling Girl's Ghoul School collection has 15 shades, and I ordered 9 of them, which is amazing since I wear so few shades these days.   I ordered minis and also purchased the optional lid stickers, which are included with full sizes.  I was happy I had the option.

Shadows swatched with damp brush over TFSI.

unfocused to show sparkle

DG's color descriptions
Pearls & Chains: Light silvery pearl with gold undertones holographic sparkle
Goth Moth: Hot pink with pink sparkle
Vegan Vampire:  Deep magenta with silver iridescence, pink and violet sparkle
Snowboarding Cutie:  Pale icy blue with pink sheen, purple iridescence and blue sparkles

unfocused to show sparkle

DG's color descriptions
Nerd Glasses:  Matte dusty periwinkle base with black and pink sparkle
Scarisian Artist:  Light dusty lavender with pink undertones and pink sparkle
Rockstar Diva:  She is the sparkiest of them all with a sooty charcoal base and loaded with silver micro iridescence and a rainbow of holographic sparkle
Gothic Lolita: Deep purple with pink sheen and violet and purple sparkles
Siren Chic:  Blackened purple with just a touch of blue sheen and gold and copper sparkles

The remaining shades:
Egyptian Princess:  Molten orange-y gold filled with aqua sparkles
Equestrian Couture - Light dusty lavender base with strong turquoise flash and a blend of color shifting sparkles that flash pink, aqua to viole
Fierce Furry Fashionista - Plummy brown with soft red/violet sheen and pink and violet sparkle
Mermaid Beach Babe - Light teal green with gold tones and rainbow sparkle
Stitched in Style - Midtone greenish grey with turquoise iridescence and blue and red sparkles
Sugar Skulls - Light grey with green sheen, copper sparkle and a pinch of holographic pink sparkle

I should've picked up a mini of Fierce Furry Fashionista, will get one next time I order.  The other shades are colors I don't wear, orange/gold/copper, blues/aquas/teals/greens.  They do look really nice, the color descriptions and photos are very helpful.

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.


  1. siren chic looks like a one of a kind color, really pretty!

    1. They're all really nice shades, my photos don't do them justice.

  2. Ooohhh... These are all so pretty! I love that she gives the option of buying the stickers with small sizes now.

  3. I just found your blog and pretty much love all your swatches here! Got yourself a new reader! :D

    have a nice day~

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately I'm not posting regularly, but I do have things waiting to be swatched and shared.