Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Recolor with Manic Panic Violet Night, Purple Haze, Ultraviolet Mix

Nothing to disclose, I purchased products mentioned.

This is the "part two" to the '3 Weeks and a Few Test Strands Later' post from earlier, which shows my starting color and various test strands I tried before mixing up mostly Violet Night with good sized dollops of both Purple Haze and Ultraviolet.  You can also see my 'starting point' color in that post.

outside no flash, indirect light

a by the blue arrow shows an area that's a bit more berry purple, in the photos from the previous post you can see around my face is some hair that's very reddish.  I had bleached some additional hair that's underneath where the purple had been originally, and that had been 1N black.  The regrowth lightened fine, but the black only got to about a level 4.  I'll wait and see how the purple holds there.

direct sunlight

crazy bright direct sunlight

I'm very happy with this shade, and plan to keep it or something as close to it as I can, for a while.  Thanks for looking!

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