Monday, July 14, 2014

3 Weeks and a Few Strand Tests Later....

Nothing to disclose, I purchased items discussed.

Last I posted my hair was a "light" Violet Night, not pastel but lighter than normal, having mixed it with conditioner.  Manic Panic normally holds really well in my hair, but mixed with the conditioner, it faded fast.  Within 2 washings it was a silvery lavender shade that was absolutely gorgeous, but I didn't like it on me.  I didn't remember to take any pictures to show you, sorry.  On July 3rd I decided to remove what was in there and take the long weekend to figure out what to do next.   I had a few different brands and shades of color and wanted to do some test strands before committing to any shade.

 Really, are we back here again?

 There's a strand test or two peeking through in this one, but since I'd brushed my hair you can see the colors

First I wanted to try Adore.  I liked the idea of it - it's inexpensive, good range of colors, and easily available on eBay / Amazon, and even through a few salons within an hour of me.  I had picked up two purple shades, #113 African Violet and #116 Purple Rage.  I'd also bought #120 Black Velvet, but didn't try it this time.

I did a test strand of African Violet.  It's a blue based purple, but a bit more blue than purple on me.

I did a test strand of Purple Rage, which is a bit more berry purple.  It wasn't quite the shade I wanted.

I did a couple of mixes of the two but didn't find anything that really wow'd me.  I was also starting to wonder if I should try the Adore, simply fearing that it wouldn't fade well and I didn't want to be back at this icky blonde mess anytime in the near future.  Sorry Adore.  I've seen drool worthy pics online, I just seem to be confusing myself with all these options.

Despite having two shades of Special Effects on hand for a friend, I didn't want to bother with it.  Yeah, it's good stuff, but they've had distribution issues as far back as I can recall, and I don't like the idea of a shade I want not being available for up to 6 months at a time.   It also bleeds on me a lot more than other brands.

I thought about going back to the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Violet.   I was 90% sure I was going to use it and then decided to stick with the Manic Panic.  I'd looked through photos from the past 18 months or so and despite loving the Pravana Violet, I felt Manic Panic gave me a greater range of shades.  

a couple of other test strands, the one on the right is Violet Night mixed with Raven (black). This was outside with flash, but inside it looked too black and not enough purple.  I forget what's on the left!

I had three purple shades, Violet Night, Purple Haze, and Ultraviolet.  Ultraviolet is a great purple that I think looks purple on me, but people would always ask about my "blue hair" so I don't use it on its own.   Purple Haze isn't quite it either, maybe a bit too warmish?  Violet Night is my favorite, but I'd really like it a bit darker.  I've mixed these shades with each other in past and no matter the ratio, I've always liked the color.

I don't have amounts for you, sorry, I just eyeballed it.  I used mostly Violet Night with large dollops of Ultraviolet and Purple Haze, about double the amount I'd normally use, because I didn't want to risk running out of the color while I was applying it. This photo was outside in bright sun.

I made sure to really saturate my hair with the color, then wrapped it up and sat under the bonnet dryer for about 25 minutes.  I rinsed it after it had been in for 8 hours.   Not to make this a big dramatic post but I'm going to put the final photos in the next post, so it's not crazy long. 

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