Friday, June 6, 2014

Recolor with Manic Panic Violet Night

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product discussed.

My last recolor was back on March 18 and I'd used a mix of shades in order to use up small amounts left in several different jars.  Although I do like the more magenta bits here and there, it's not quite what I want.

Here's my starting point, this photo taken May 21st.

I figured I'd better clean it all up, since I normally just reapply Manic Panic without removing it first, and there were layers of various purples in there.  At the very first layer was the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids Violet which tends to really stay in my hair.  I used some One n Only Color Fix on the last 6-8" two days prior which didn't do much of anything to remove the purple.  I used Prism Lites Violet bleach mixed with 20 volume developer and proceeded carefully, leaving it on for about 20 minutes.  The regrowth turned light quite quickly, some bits a much more pink shade, so keep in mind that the color I've ended up with is going to be different than had I bleached it all to a more even,  lighter level.

After removing / bleaching:

I have most of my hair pulled back into the shower cap, which was held on using large bobby pins.  I included more of the front of my hair than normal; usually I just take a section at the top that's maybe 1/4" to 1/2" on either side of the center part, this time I applied the bleach to the whole front and side areas.  About half the hair remained black, since the black didn't budge, but this was more to get the regrowth purple.

 The bits of brownish that you see between the lighter sections and the shower cap is *gasp* my real hair color.  I don't usually go so long between coloring because those lighter roots coming through the black are not pretty, but at least it takes a while to notice them, unlike when you have darker roots poking through lighter hair.

I applied the Violet Night, sat under my bonnet dryer for about 20 minutes, then left the color on for about 8 hours, keeping the plastic shower cap on.  I rinsed it all out and air dried.  The rest of the photos are from the next day.

Because I didn't start with evenly lightened hair, I ended up with varying shades, and you can see a brownish tinge where it wasn't light enough to start.  But I still love Violet Night.  It's a nice softer purple, not too blue, not too red, but still definitely purple.

I haven't recolored the black yet, but will get to that asap.   Now while I really do like Violet Night, I've been thinking about going darker overall, a darker purple that will blend into the black a bit more.  But then again, who knows what I'll end up doing!

Thanks for looking.

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