Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recolor - Fix & Maybe Darker Purple

Nothing to disclose, I purchased all products mentioned.

I'd done a bunch of stuff to my hair 2 weeks ago - removed a little black, removed some of the purple, bleached a bit, and reapplied Manic Panic Violet Night.  I do love this color, but keep thinking I want to go darker purple again, and there were bits of brown poking through, which I really didn't like.

Part of that was from adding in more hair that used to be black, part was that underneath it all (from about the top of my cheekbones down) was only ever bleached to a level 7, and with this lighter purple it really should've been a bit lighter to start.  So shame on me, I should've just done it right the first time, instead of worrying about pushing it and ending up right back here two weeks later.

I didn't bother with a color remover, you can all gasp over that.  I went straight for the bleach, using Prism Lites Violet mixed with 20 volume developer.  I put it on for 20 minutes and washed thoroughly.

I did a second round of the same bleach mix, left it on for 20 minutes once again, hard to really tell because these two were both outside pics but it was overcast, so not very bright.  

My hair is still pretty damp below, so it still looks a bit dark, but at least the sun was out.

I'm not sure what's more shocking in these pictures, the light hair or the pink shirt!

I had an odd almost ombre sort of color left in my hair, ranging from blonde, orangeish, pinkish, and purples of various shades, darker towards the ends.  These pictures were taken the next day, in direct sunlight.

I realized that my hair has grown quite a bit because it was hard for me to take photos that show as much of my hair as possible so you can see the color from root to end.

There's a bit more to this story, but it's still in the works so more later.  Thanks for looking.

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