Saturday, June 21, 2014

Light Violet Night

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products mentioned.

I wanted to give the lighter purple a second try, and then if it didn't work I'd return to my original plan of going darker purple.   I did a little more googling to try and figure out what would work to help remove the conditioner and protein overload as well as work with lighter shades.   I ended up washing with Malibu Goo Undoo clarifying shampoo with some baking soda mixed in.  The baking soda acted as a mild abrasive, not something you'd normally want but it did work.  I've used this mix before with a very small amount of baking soda to give my scalp a good scrubbing.  While it's generally not recommended for color treated hair, the three times I've done it were within a few days of a recolor.

I meant to pick up some conditioner but in running around trying to do too many things at once, I forgot.  I knew I had some Matrix Biolage Smooth Therapie conditioner tucked in the back of the closet, so I double checked the ingredients and didn't find anything that was recommended to avoid with pastels.  I mixed up more Manic Panic Violet Night with the Biolage, this time using 10 parts conditioner and 3 parts dye.   Advice I'd read suggested the color in the bowl should be about 2 shades darker than what you want.  I figured this color looked good.

I started to apply and could tell right away that the shampoo prior to coloring had helped, and the conditioner itself didn't seem to slip off my hair.  It was still a different consistency than dye alone, but much better than my previous mix.  I put on a shower cap, sat under my bonnet dryer for 25 minutes, then left it on for about five hours.  All in all, it turned out much better than the first attempt.  It's no where near a pastel, but this is probably the lightest shade my hair has been without counting the in between bleaching!

These pictures are the next day, the first in indirect light.  It looks much warmer here, in direct light it looks more cool.

These next few were in direct sunlight.

The next few are sort of 'close ups' where you can see the reddish pieces, which had been black a few weeks prior.  I knew they were no where near light enough for the purple.  Pardon the fact that I look a bit zombified here.

Over the next month, I plan to carefully brush on a bit more bleach on the red strands and see if I can get them to lighten up a bit more but not damage them.  If I can, I'll make them purple, shade depending on where and how much lighter.  If I can't, the inch or so closest to my scalp will stay this current color and below that will go back to black, and as it grows it'll gradually become part of the purple with more and more black getting snipped off during trims.  

I also plan to add some darker purple from about halfway down to the ends, to freshen that up as well.  And then I still have to color all the regrowth in the black areas, which hasn't been done since March.  

Thanks for looking.


  1. I love this shade on you! I've been using my left over purple dyes as purple condition for my blonde! This post makes me miss my bright hair! :P xo