Friday, June 20, 2014

Hair Change of Plan and a Fail

Nothing to disclose, I purchased products mentioned.

Remember how I wanted to darken my purple?  Well, that plan took a sharp turn after everyone I know decided to love the "I'm only halfway done I still have to dye it" hair, despite the multiple colors.   In my younger days I'd make a decision and stick with it, but as I get older and trying to teach my son that the world will not end if things don't go as planned, I though, what the hell.

I googled and read a lot of different tips about pastels and light colors.   I knew the top part of my hair still wasn't light enough for pastel, but I though I could mix up a lighter shade of purple and wanted to see what would happen.  I used about 10 parts conditioner to 2 parts dye, using Manic Panic's Violet Night.  I used Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil sulfate free conditioner, which in hindsight wasn't the best choice, but more on that in a minute.

Here was my starting point

Here's the dye mix, and yes, I mixed it a bit more thoroughly before I applied it.

I applied this to the lighter areas, mainly on the top and about to the tops of my ears.   The dye seemed to slip down, the consistency was different than without the conditioner.  I had to really work it into my hair, and was not at all confident that anything would happen.  I put on a shower cap, sat under the bonnet dryer for about 30 minutes, then left it on for about four to four & a half hours before rinsing.

I let it air dry and took these pictures that evening after my hair was dry.  First was indirect sunlight.

This one was in direct sun.

You can see the dye is very light, certain areas it's no more than a tinge.  You can also see the reddish pieces of hair, those had been black not long ago and that's about as light as they're going to get at this point.   I had included a lot more of the hair that was underneath the original purple on the last couple of bleaches, since it seemed every time I redid the black it overtook more of the purple.  More on that another day as well.

So what went wrong?  Well, multiple things really.  First, pastels / very light shades aren't as easy as dark ones.  Hair really needs to be bleached far more than mine was, which I knew from the start.  It has to be bleached more evenly, because uneven patches will stick out like a sore thumb.

I'd read several tips to avoid any product with keratin, and duh, the Marc Anthony conditioner contained keratin.  Because I'd done so much to my hair over recent weeks, I'd gone a bit overboard with the pampering, and I think my hair was over conditioned / over proteined.   Usually I wash with a clarifying shampoo - Malibu Undoo Goo - the day before coloring and don't use any conditioner, but I had washed after bleaching and used an intensive moisturizer for dry / damaged hair.  Good for my hair, not good for color.

I definitely respect those of you who achieve pastel shades, because it's a lot more work than dark ones.   This was definitely a good learning experience, and I'm glad I tried.  But now, what do I want to do from here?

It seems I've turned this into another ridiculously long hair story, but at least this one doesn't end with me losing 8-10 inches of hair and having the rest multiple shades of orange and fried!  More to come, it's a work in progress.  Thanks for looking.

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