Monday, June 9, 2014

Fyrinnae Blush Swatches - Charm, Bewitching, Temptation, Mesmerize, Seduce, Royalty

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products.

I couldn't resist ordering a full size Royalty blush from Fyrinnae.  I added minis of five other shades, Charm, Bewitching, Temptation, Mesmerize, and Seduce.  Problem is, I don't wear powder blush, only cream.  I figure I'll just mix them up with something liquid (moisturizer, oil, etc) and enjoy.

I used a dampened wet/dry shadow brush to apply the blush to bare skin.  I used dry fluffy shadow brushes to apply it next to the wet swatch.  I only have two blush brushes, and without washing each brush there could be cross contamination / inaccurate swatches, plus then drying each brush enough to get a dry swatch,  so I settled on the shadow brushes.  I did wet swatches to show you how deep the color can be, particularly for anyone who plans to mix it and use more as a cream, plus dry I was afraid the lighter shades might not be as obvious on my arm.  I know it sounds a little kooky but I thought it made sense.

All photos taken outside, first in direct light, second more indirect light.

Fyrinnae's color descriptions:

Charm - vibrant cool pink with the slightest touch of shimmer.  Intense color saturation. Lip safe.
Bewitching - light lilac mauve shade with a slight pink shimmer.  Lip and eye safe.
Temptation - deep plum with just a hint of shimmer.  Lip and eye safe.
Mesmerize - medium berry magenta shade with no brown tones. Intense color saturation. Lip safe.
Seduce - lilac shade that can be rubbed down to a cool mauve if desired. Very slight sheen. Lip and eye safe.
Royalty - vibrant violet blush which doesn't blend down to a warm shade.  It will rub down to a blue-violet hue, but with gentle blending or heavier application will remain more purple. Nearly matte, deeper and cooler than Seduce.  Often requested shade, new in 5/14.  Lip and eye safe.

Royalty is gorgeous in person, I can't wait to wear it.  Fyrinnae's description of it rubbing down to blue-violet but heavier application remains more purple is completely accurate.  Love it, love it, love it.  Unfortunately with my rosacea I don't get to use blush as much as I'd like, it's always a case of trying to add a nice color without overdoing it or making the redness worse/more obvious, so these minis will last me a good long time. 

I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.   Now I'm looking forward to that new lip lustre!

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  1. Betwitching and Royalty are really beautiful! I ordered their Hollywood Sorcery finishing powder and really like it!