Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March Recolor with Manic Panic Purple Mix and Pravana Chromasilk Black

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the product shown.

I used Prism Lites Violet bleach mixed with 30 volume developer and applied to about 3" starting from my scalp, left it on for 30 minutes.  It worked much better than the Ion Color Brilliance powder bleach I'd used the last few times.   Between this 2 shade lighter area and mixing several different purple shades to use up various amounts left in the containers, I figured it would be a bit of a surprise in the end.

Here's March 21st, in bright sun.

This second pic was later in the afternoon, with a different lipstick.

I added a packet of Ardell's Unred to the Pravana Chromasilk Black, and applied the mix to all the black, instead of just the regrowth, to make it nice and dark and even.  I did do my bangs, but always manage to get bleach on bits of them, so threw the purple mix on them too.

Here's April 1, after it's faded a little.  You can see the top area is more magenta-ish, along with a spot or two here and there where I'd brushed a little bleach to remove traces of faded purple that were looking brown.

I do like this mix of color, despite the unevenness.  On my next recolor I think I'm going to remove all the purple, bleach the whole area, then go back to a more blue based purple.  I have plenty of Violet Night, which I do love, but I might mix it with something darker,  haven't decided yet. 

Thanks for looking!

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