Monday, January 13, 2014

New Year No Buy

I knew I was going to attempt another no buy for the year, so I started squirreling away items here and there.   I have tried 5 shades from the 28 Neutral palette, but otherwise haven't even swatched any of the items.

You can see I have plenty of lip products to keep me busy.  There's the 28 Neutral palette and the Silk Naturals Naked 3 dupe set, which I'm really excited to get to.  A couple of indie shadows, two Mally Beauty shadow sticks, some Milani pencils I got for Christmas, the Blush Too palette,  some Clinique foundation shades sent by a friend, a handful of brushes, and quite a few lip products.  I've been back on a lip kick the last few months.  There may be two or three lipsticks that aren't pictured, because I keep moving things around trying not to use them.

I am allowing myself to repurchase certain items when I run out:

  • Performance Colors foundation, the only brand/type I use
  • black gel liner, also the only type I use
  • mascara - I only have one mascara at any given time, and just opened a new one.  I'll need a new one in mid June.  

I have plenty of shadows, lots of lippies.  I have a handful of Illamasqua cream blushes that I love, but am going to fiddle around with the powder palette and see how that goes.   I believe I have enough primer, both facial and eye, to last the year.  I don't wear powder over my foundation because my skin is so dry.  I know everyone says you need to to "set" the foundation, but I don't bother with it.  I also don't do contouring and highlighting, and never wear bronzer, which no matter how subtly it's applied or what shade is used, always manages to look completely ridiculous on me.   I know some of you just gasped in horror and fell over at the thought of no contour/highlight/bronzer.

I will get around to swatching everything, but am also busy with a million other projects.  I'm never regular with my posting but will have things now and then to share, as well as try and keep you updated on my no buy progress. 

Thanks for reading!

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