Monday, December 16, 2013

Performance Colors - 8 lipstick shade swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.

I purchased a bunch of lipstick samples from Performance Colors  a while back, and finally got to swatching them.  Valentine and Vertigo are both Semi Matte Opaque lipsticks, while the other 6 shades are all Restorative Lipcolors.

All shades swatched on bare arm using a lip brush.  They can look a bit darker applied directly from the tube using some pressure.

Color descriptions are from Performance Colors:

Valentine is a highly pigmented opaque full force deep dark and mysterious classic valentine blood red rose color.  This is a semi matte opaque which goes on very smooth and creamy, not the usual stiff matte.

Vertigo is highly pigmented opaque dark violet brown color  This is also a semi matte opaque, goes on very creamy and smooth.

French Red is a supersaturated, warm red carpet red.

Ruby is highly pigmented, cool ruby red like the burmese ruby gemstone.

Beaujolais is  highly pigmented, in deep mocha with purpley red tones, semi-sheer.

Black Cherry is a deep berry red color full of red sparks.

Black Rose is a very black red packed to the max with red sparks that catch the light.

Vamp is a highly pigmented, dark gothic black-purple with slight red tone, semi-opaque.

These are all nice and creamy (even the mattes!) and feel wonderful.  I hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Vertigo and Black rose are gorgeous!

    1. The colors are lovely. I was really surprised the matte formula is so nice, since most mattes "pull" when I try to apply them.

  2. Aww they're lovely ! Shame they don't ship to the UK, me wants South of France SO badly !

  3. I have samples of several of these shades, and they're so pretty and wear very nicely!

  4. South of France is sooooooo pretty! I was the only lippy I purchased along with some samples a couple years ago & it's the prettiest color.