Wednesday, December 11, 2013

MAC Punk Couture Winter 2013 lipstick - Studded Kiss, Instigator, Punk Couture, Hautecore swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.

Yesterday I posted swatches of the four shades from the Punk Couture collection, which were applied on bare skin using a lip brush, two light coats.  I did my usual by the window, no flash.  It was snowing out. 

I redid the swatches today, applying both with the lip brush and then applying directly from the tube, going back and forth and applying some pressure.   Pictures are again no flash, by the window, but today it's sunny and they're a bit brighter.

I was disappointed when I saw the color on my arm yesterday, and then wanted to kick myself when I redid them and saw how much more intense they were when I skipped the brush.   The edges are a bit gloppy from the tape, sorry.  

Anyway, I hope these swatches are much more helpful than yesterday's.  Thanks for looking!