Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fyrinnae Winter 2013 Swatches (plus Scarlet Macaw)

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the items shown. Scarlet Macaw was a free sample.

I jumped on Fyrinnae's Winter 2013 collection and it arrived yesterday.  I tried to take some photos both yesterday afternoon and again this morning, but it's overcast and not good picture taking weather.   I'm going ahead and putting up these two pics, even though neither really show how lovely the shades are, and will attempt photos again when the sun is out.

I didn't crop the first one because Photobucket is being wonky and making things blurry when I crop, so sorry for the picture that looks like I was a mile away.

This one was inside, without Scarlet Macaw.  I was in such a rush yesterday to get a photo for some friends that I didn't even realize I'd put that shade on my arm.  The excitement of Fyrinnae shades can make one lose their mind.

So again, sorry my photos aren't very good, but I hope they help if you haven't ordered yet. I can say I'm glad I ordered minis of all the shades, even though I don't wear some of these colors they may make guest appearances.  I'm also pleased with Nordic Angel blush, and the only thing wrong with Winter Romance is I should've ordered two full sizes and not just one.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Stop apologizing! These are great swatches. I got mine yesterday, and the one surprise I had was how much of a luminous gold Sled Puppies is. I expected a silvery-white, and it's totally not! I didn't think I'd like it, but it turns out to be my favorite of the bunch! I am also head-over-heels for Winter Romance Lip Lustre and wish I'd have purchased a full size.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.....but I'd hate for anyone to pass on a shade because my pics really don't show how lovely these are. Winter Romance is so gorgeous!

  2. I also love Winter Romance, what a fantastic color. I think it is a universally flattering red.