Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Illamasqua Powder Shadow Swatches in Heroine and Livid

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.

I ordered these two shadows during Illamasqua's 50% off flash sale back on May 17th.  I had intended to order Heroine and Justify, but due to heavy traffic on the site I didn't realize the drop down box didn't change and defaulted to Livid.  It was a good mistake though.

Shadows are swatched with dampened wet/dry brush on bare skin.  First photo is inside, no flash

and these are outside no flash

Heroine is an ash taupe, matte finish
Livid is a red violet, matte finish.  I suggest using a base for this one, as it can stain skin.

Both are gorgeous shades, and in the end I'm glad I accidentally ordered Livid.   Besides, it gives me an excuse for another order to pick up Justify!

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.


  1. I like Heroine (like, too, that it has the female spelling), but I could never pull off Livid! Such neat, tidy swatches as usual. Do you use a template to do them?

    1. You could use always use Livid as a liner, or a tiny bit brushed softly just for a pop of color with an otherwise neutral eye! I sometimes put tape on the top & bottom of my arm to get a somewhat clean edge, but I'm usually racing to take advantage of sunlight and they're not as neat as they could be if I took my time...but thank you!!