Thursday, October 24, 2013

Cargo Essential Eye Shadow Palette Cool Neutral Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the item shown.

I stopped by Kohl's last week and discovered they've added several cosmetics brands to my local store, including Cargo, the Balm, Lorac, Pur Minerals.  The cosmetics section was also moved to the front of the store during a remodel. The department is very well lit with about three times more items than they carried prior to the remodel. I picked up a Cargo Essential shadow quad in Cool Neutral for $34.  Kohl's website states that this is a prestige brand and "not eligible for some discounts" so double check to see which, if any, coupons they'll accept.  Kohl's cash may be applied to the product.

I first applied the shadow dry, over TFSI, but it was overcast and the two lighter shades were barely visible.  A little while later the sun poked out, so I tried a second time, this time applying the shadows using a dampened wet/dry brush but on bare skin.  These photos are inside, no flash.

This one is outside, no flash

I haven't worn the shadow yet, but the browbone, lid, and crease colors are all shades I wear often.  I do like the outer corner color but would wear it less often, probably applied with a very light touch using a dry brush.

If you have a Kohl's near you, pop in and see what brands they carry!

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking.

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