Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September Recolor with Pravana Chromasilk Black and Manic Panic Violet Night

Nothing to disclose.

I used Pravana Chromasilk in 1N black, only about 1/4 of a tube was needed for just a root touch up.  I did the Manic Panic Violet Night the next day.  I covered it with a plastic shower cap, "baked" it under the soft bonnet dryer for about 20 minutes, left the plastic cap on for ten hours, finally rinsing it at night. 

The color can look quite different if I'm standing in direct sunlight versus indirect, so I've included pics of both. These pictures are all taken outside, no flash.  The first set are in indirect light, standing in the shade.

sun coming through the trees

full sun

You can see how the color looks very different standing in full sun versus shade.  Sorry I didn't get more direct sun photos, it's just so bright is sort of washes things out.  But I hope you've found the pictures helpful if you're looking at Violet Night, it's a really pretty shade!

Thanks for looking!

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