Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sephora Color Match - V2

Nothing to disclose.

I stopped by a different Sephora after my annual dermatologist visit earlier this week.  I wore liner, mascara, and my prescription rosacea cream, but nothing else on my face.   I snapped two quick pictures, one of each side of my face.  My skin was much more calm than my last Sephora color match, less red and blotchy.  The amount of redness in these pics are what I consider "good" rosacea days.  This is, for me, the best it gets.  On a side note, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of an anti redness medication specifically for rosacea.

Right side, outside, no flash

Left side, outside, no flash.  Since the red wasn't as bad today, you can see my freckles on this side more clearly.  They're sort of along the edge of the redness, almost a crescent shape around the apple of my cheek.

I arrived at Sephora and requested a Color IQ service, and the associates immediately set me up at the Beauty Bar with an available makeup artist.  I explained that I'd had the Color IQ match done about 6 weeks earlier and was not at all happy with the results, likely being so off due to my rosacea.

The MUA agreed that the Color IQ doesn't work on everyone, particularly if the client has a skin condition such as rosacea.  MUA's opinion was the best way to match me was visually.  MUA took a minute looking at my face, then went to select a few products.

Sadly, I don't remember the first product used!  It was in a medium sized round container, pink thick cream, moisturizer I think but might've been a primer?   The MUA and I chatted while products were applied, and the MUA told me another great product to use to conceal the redness is the Stila One Step Correct Primer, which I've used before.  I  ran out and keep forgetting to buy a new one!  I do like it, it has the green to help minimize redness, but also brightens my skin.   This Sephora location was out of stock on it, so I'll pick it up another time.

Stila One Step Correct image courtesy

MUA had three different bottles of Clinique Superbalanced makeup, and tried all three on my face before settling on Cream Chamois.  The first two were lighter, but they didn't appear to cover the redness, hence the Cream Chamois. 

I looked in the mirror after the MUA had done the right side of my face and was pretty surprised.  It looked like I had makeup on, but the color looked good.  It looked like I had normal, non red skin!  I was still anxious because I know the lighting in the store is weird, but I was optimistic.  MUA finished the left side of my face, surprisingly using hands/fingertips to apply and blend, whereas the first MUA had used brushes and sponges.

When both sides of my face were done, MUA gave me a handheld mirror and told me to walk outside the store to check the shade, and I could've kissed the MUA for that.  While I wasn't embarrassed to walk into the middle of the mall aisle with a bunch of people walking around, it was raining and there was little natural light.  I felt it looked like I had foundation on, but the match still seemed good.

The MUA then told me to hang on for some blush, which wasn't applied at the first session.  MUA came back with a Josie Maran Argan Color Stick in......CORAL.  Coral?  I was confused.  MUA explained that I shouldn't wear pink blush because it would make me look more pink/red, but the yellow tones in the coral shade would appear very natural as my face flushed naturally.  I'm kind of surprised that no one ever told me this, and felt kinda silly that I'd never though about it myself.  I'm so not a coral person.  That whole coral trend back in the spring, yeah, I ignored it.  Who knew?  MUA brushed a bit of the Coral blush on my cheeks, then blended with fingertip.  MUA also applied a bit of the blush to my lips.

Josie Maran Argan Color Stick photo courtesy

I was again surprised when I looked at the finished results, because I really liked it, even though I felt the foundation shade was darker than I'm used to.  The whole coral thing was blowing my mind.  Knowing Sephora's lighting, I wanted to wait til I could get a good look at the makeup outside in natural light before buying it.  I'd also recently received a plethora of Clinique foundation samples from a friend in a makeup group, and wanted to try them as well.

Now again, let me stress that in the store, with the Beauty Bar's lighting, the makeup looked good, although I felt it was quite obvious I had makeup on.  You know how you get used to seeing your face one way, when you see it in a different shade it's very noticeable to you, but maybe not to everyone else.

By the time I got home the rain had stopped and the sun was poking out.  The match is actually ok in some lighting, but I wouldn't buy it.  I think it's more noticeable outside, you can see where it is on my skin in the indirect light pic, and in the direct light pic I feel it's obvious, especially compared to my neck/shoulder area.  I was also disappointed to see that outside, the foundation didn't appear to make my rosacea disappear as it had in the store's lighting. 

Right side first.  Outside, no flash, indirect light

outside in direct light

Left side, outside, no flash.  This pic I think the foundation looks like a decent match, it's not as noticeable compared to the rest of me.  It looked better in the store.

outside, no flash, direct light.  I think it's much more obvious in this pic.

This would be a good color if I stayed inside all the time!  But to wear all the time, I think it's too off to settle for.  I've found better matches with other products, but it was still a worthwhile experience to get the second match done.

The second MUA did a far better consult than the first.  I felt this MUA was more knowledgeable and used the old "try it and see" with the shades before selecting one, although the store's lighting continued to be an issue.  I would be happy to visit this MUA again, even though in the end the results still aren't what I'm looking for. 

I wore the Coral blush with a different foundation and was pleased with how it looked, particularly at the end of the day when my face tends to be more flush.  I don't think I'll throw away my 3 pink Illamasqua blushes, but will definitely look at those coral shades from now on!

I know I'm a bit fussy about my foundation, but I don't think it's asking the impossible to get a perfect match.  It just involves more work, trying various brands, formulas, and shades.  I always find something I'm happy with, even if only temporarily, and even an ok match is better than the options I had 20 years ago.  I just keep my eyes out and keep trying, because you never know when that HG shade will appear.  While this one wasn't it, I think I've found it....but that's another post. 

Thanks for looking.

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