Monday, September 23, 2013

August Recolor with Manic Panic Violet Night

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products.

I decided to try Violet Night for this recolor in early August.  I simply put it over the Ultra Violet / Purple Haze mix that was already in my hair.   I think I touched up the rest of my (black) hair a few days after the purple, but not sure exactly when. The left side didn't turn out as well because I didn't fully saturate some of the pieces.  Oops. 

All pics were taken outside in super bright sunlight.  First, an extreme close up!

left side - you can see the pieces I screwed up

Even with my shaky recolor, I really like the Violet Night.  It also made me realize I might want to toss a little fuchsia in there at some point, but who knows when. 

Thanks for looking!