Tuesday, July 23, 2013

MUFE Pro Finish Multi Use Powder Foundation Fair Complexion Swatches

This was a free sample with a recent Sephora order.  Links are not affiliate links.

I selected the MUFE Fair Complexion sample with a recent Sephora order as one of my three free samples.   These are powder foundations, and I don't normally wear powder, but wanted to show you the shades anyway.  Note I have a slight sunburn from a few days ago, so my arms are a bit pinker than normal.

 photo af0a2aaf-6c53-4278-ba66-0d81649ab605.jpg

While these can be applied wet for a sheer, semi matte finish, I opted for the dry, full coverage application.  For shade 110 Pink Porcelain I used slightly more than half the sample just for the swatch.  It's very close to my skin tone, and I had to apply it heavy so you could see it. 115 Pink Ivory looks ok in the photos, but in person, it was too dark/pink.  113 Neutral Porcelain was too yellow, and 117 Golden Ivory was too peachy for me.

First couple of pictures are outside, no flash.  Sun kept going in & out, I hate when that happens.
 photo 9d4ba7c9-7de8-4256-a937-a2c7bd3c6014.jpg

 photo b79d8ff3-2cb2-40bb-902f-4b894c2bb8b7.jpg

The rest of the photos are inside, no flash
 photo 4fe04aa0-acd3-41d4-af66-8149df54a00e.jpg

 photo 703a1584-0eca-4866-804e-1b5a4fe5d9aa.jpg

a "down the arm" shot so you can see the pinkish of shades 110 and 115, and the much more yellow golden in shades 113 and 117.

 photo ae1131b5-f65a-4da4-a2e8-1165fec72685.jpg

brushed lightly, but not enough to fully blend
 photo cd403e8b-6828-4e23-99b0-2561869e6868.jpg

 photo cb04ba83-7c32-40de-bde4-c8e74a94d6af.jpg

While I did use about half of the 110 Pink Porcelain for the swatch, the others I used much smaller amounts.  The 115 & 117 I only needed a small dab to clearly show.  While there's not enough of the 110 for me to use on my whole face, I think it would work for me.  I would like to try this shade and shade 107 Pink in their HD foundation, but the two Sephora stores nearest me didn't carry either shade the last time I checked.  If they ever have them, I'll happily try a squirt of each to see if either works.

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking. 

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