Friday, June 7, 2013

OCC Lip Tar - 12 Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products myself.  Links are not affiliate links.

I did some OCC lip tar swatches back in August 2012, but I was re-swatching things as part of my destash.  I figured I'd take some pics and show you, since there's a few additional shades since the last photos.  There's also a couple no longer available, but if you find them somewhere, grab them!

I skipped the tape to keep things straight because it makes my arm all red & blotchy.  All pics were taken with no flash.  First one is inside.

 photo 4f7b1f56-1bb6-4017-8ae4-089625269627.jpg

This one is outside
 photo 7ca78ded-2a2f-421e-80aa-9fc1f4ee5134.jpg

OCC color descriptions:

Strumpet is deep red-burgundy
Demure is  deep purple with intense fuchsia undertones (discontinued)
Pretty Boy is super rich fuchsia
Lydia is darkroom plum
Ophelia is petal pink flush
Hoochie is vibrant magenta
Katricia is creamy rich violet (discontinued)

Lydia is breathtaking in person.  I've had it for months and this was the first time I tried it.  I need to wear this daily.  When I'm not wearing purple or an amazing red, anyway.  Damn lip tars, too hard to decide which to wear.

one last inside pic of these shades

 photo 73c7955d-9cf2-443a-8c9c-3ecb1204c8b4.jpg

Next set of colors!  Super NSFW appears a bit more pinkish in the pic, in person it's more red with gold shimmer, but didn't photograph so well for me.

First is an indoor pic.
  photo 5ba0141d-8379-46a1-989d-f553d9f7bbde.jpg

  photo 3f02513a-269e-4f0d-9c76-8e3247bbbcc2.jpg

OCC color descriptions:

Black Dahlia is blackened red
Super NSFW is a gold laced red
NSFW is true, balanced red
Stalker is pin up blue based red
Psycho is true blood red

I know we all see color differently, but Psycho looks much more orange than red to me and on me.  Whenever something is described as a "true red" I nearly always find it too orange.  I try to stick to blue based reds.  NSFW is the only red with "true" in the description that I love.  Maybe that "balanced" is what I should look for?  Whichever, it kicks ass.

one last inside pic
 photo 994e4609-cbae-453a-835c-b4cf30b53061.jpg

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Lovely swatches, Cin! Psycho looks more orange-red to me as well, but the everyone says NSFW is neutral and I see it as blue based. Who knows? Lydia and Black Orchid are my faves.

    1. NSFW appears much more blue based on me, which I like. Psycho is too orangey for my tastes, but still a pretty shade.

  2. I love the shade Lydia, it beautiful! Dahlia and Stalker are beatiful shades as well, I think I need these in my life :) haha.