Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hair Recolor with Manic Panic Ultra Violet and Pravana Chromasilk Black

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products mentioned myself.

Sometime in late April / early May, I decided to switch from Pravana Chromasilk Vivids in Violet and try Ion Color Brilliance in Purple, partly due to difficulty finding Vivids Violet regularly and for a reasonable price.   On my hair, there was no comparison.  The Pravana was a lovely shade of purple, held well.  The Ion turned very brown within 10 days even after two applications using a full tube, it was barely noticeable indoors, and only outside could you see any purple-ish.  I didn't realize the Ion should've been mixed with either pink/magenta or blue to prevent it from turning brown.  

About 10 days after coloring with Ion Color Brilliance in Purple
  photo 9fff5a7e-cd33-42c7-b0cf-38d2d07fc2ca.jpg

While picking up supplies at Sally's, jars of Manic Panic classic formula caught my eye and I bought one jar of Ultra Violet and one jar of Virgin Snow toner.  I put it in the closet with other hair products (two tubes of Pravana, one tube of Ion) that I already had, and realized I needed to think it through before doing anything.   I decided to give the Manic Panic a try; although I hadn't used it in years and know it fades, I felt the ease of purchasing, cost, and good color selection were all reasons to try it again.

Look, I brushed my hair!  Hey, I do that when I'm recoloring. This photo is with flash, but you can see the purple is barely there.
  photo e6d91aad-9c5e-4c7c-9df9-6330c573dc84.jpg

I used Colour B4 Extra (for dark tones and color build up) remover, following their directions carefully, as I'd never used this brand of remover before.  It took out what was left of the Ion Purple, most of the Pravana Violet that was in other spots, and even some of the Pravana Chromasilk Black that had gotten mixed in.   It didn't remove the dark areas that had been recolored many times, you can see below where that line was, BUT -

I should've used two boxes to fully saturate my hair.  I thought since I was only doing a small section one box would've been enough, but it really wasn't.  The darker bottom half wasn't wet through.   This stuff smells awful, btw, but it worked where it fully permeated.  If your hair is long, thick, or both, purchase an extra box just in case.  Better to have an extra and not need it, than need it and not have it.  A second box likely would've helped remove more of that built-up color.

After using Colour B4 Extra
  photo bc391be3-7d91-4faf-8dce-12841033dcf9.jpg

I applied bleach, mixing a 1 ounce packet of Ion Color Brilliance on/off scalp powder lightener with 1 ounce of 30 volume developer and 1/2 an ounce of 20 volume developer.  I left it on for about 20 - 25 minutes, then rinsed.

After Bleach Round 1
  photo a85e383b-e172-40f1-8a3d-b7b8018ed681.jpg

I applied a second round of bleach the next day, using the same measurements of everything, but this time left it on for about 12 - 13 minutes.  I could've gone longer but decided to err on the side of caution.  The second round helped even it out a bit more.  I didn't think I needed to go any lighter, but I know many ladies like to get it as light as possible to ensure the best results.

After Bleach Round 2
 photo ba19079a-f8c9-4e3d-85ab-4ead62011642.jpg

There's a white clip holding my bangs, since I wanted to keep them black. I washed the bleach out, dried it, and applied Manic Panic's Virgin Snow toner.  I wasn't really sure if I needed to but figured it couldn't hurt.  I left that on for an hour and a half, maybe an hour and 45 minutes, then washed that out and dried again.

I applied Manic Panic Ultra Violet, wrapped it up, used my hand held hair dryer on it for about 10 minutes to "bake" it.  I left it in for almost 3 hours, then rinsed.  The color was very blueish violet at first.   I usually wash my hair every 3 or 4 days, but held out and waited 6 days, using dry shampoo on the non purple hair on day 5.

Although I really needed to recolor the black, particularly since I'd lightened some pieces that shouldn't have been, I didn't get to this for another 13 days.   I figured since I'd be sitting around with dye on my head, might as well throw a little more Ultra Violet on, so I applied a bit more and wrapped that up so the two colors wouldn't touch.

I added a packet of Ardell's Unred to the Pravana Chromasilk Black, to help minimize redness.  Even though it's a 1N neutral black, after a couple of weeks I see red tinges coming through, so I wanted to try the Unred.   Both colors were on for about 30 minutes, so just enough to get any spots I'd missed previously with the Ultra Violet.  Washed that all out, and finally, I was finished.  The Unred did work well, the black was nice and dark.  I'll have to see how well it holds up, and I do have a couple extra packets for next recolor.   This photo was the next day, so back to my usual messy, slept on hair.

After recoloring black and a brief second round of Ultra Violet
  photo 462c6797-41eb-496d-a755-c6c5b16dabc9.jpg

Closer to my roots looks a bit lighter but it's just the sunlight, which was ridiculously bright.

  photo 3ff6deb3-1057-472b-8d93-bb935ae99be5.jpg

There are still some pieces that are slightly reddish that had been lightened during the color removing and bleaching.   I mixed them in with the purple when they should've been recolored black, oops!  It's not enough to bother me, and I'll get them next time.  But all in all, I'm happy with the results - now to see how long the Manic Panic will stick around....

Thanks for looking!

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