Friday, June 28, 2013

Fyrinnae Pride 2013 - 4 swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.

I ordered minis of both loose shadows, Agenda and Wizards' Wedding Cake, and full sizes of both lip lustres, Queer Theory and Fashion Disaster.  The collection also includes pressed shadows Hitched Eye (metallic warm red) and Unicorn (iridescent transparent lavender).  I wanted Unicorn but when I ordered it was sold out.  It's back in stock as I type this.

Shadows were applied with a dampened wet/dry brush on bare skin.  Lip lustres were swatched on bare skin using the doe foot applicator.  Note the lip lustres stain skin temporarily.

First 5 photos are all inside, no flash
 photo 7e6a5cfa-09fd-4f49-b731-f22d3fb997ef.jpg

 photo 0cfac4a8-f15c-46a1-ba69-13bf1408d490.jpg

 photo 833a550e-ebb5-4476-a049-d319edbf031b.jpg

 photo da295795-5e45-4cde-9cd1-8023d1a717e8.jpg

Agenda is a "multi faceted deep grey with fine highlight of pink throughout.  Not quite taupe, and low enough shimmer that it verges on a satin finish."    This is a greyish shade that I see on other people and love and have never been able to find one that I like on me.  This looks fantastic on! 

 photo 10d0f60d-b28f-4a16-a24d-e5ef1542fc3a.jpg

Wizards' Wedding Cake is a "bold icy blue shimmer which changes to a pink closer to light or at an angle, is set on a deep chocolate brown base."   I haven't worn this one yet, but it's lovely!

The remaining photos are all outside, no flash
 photo 5267acb3-4721-488f-82c2-7edb03bf2403.jpg

I've never posted lip swatch photos because I think mine always look terrible.  I feel if I apply it on my lips, it looks like I've colored outside the lines, and if I put it on quickly then I've missed pieces.  So forgive my terrible lip swatches.   These lustres go on very smooth, btw, and shall I mention they're highly pigmented?

 photo 343eed70-a3df-4e2d-baad-29a4b0571466.jpg

Queer Theory is a "very bright warm pink without shimmer."   Bright lip fans, you need this.  I like it and I am the furthest thing from a bright lip person you'll find.  It's nearly fluorescent on me so I'll wear it over something darker.

 photo b2222412-47a3-4a11-be94-33ef60128afc.jpg

Fashion Disaster is a "bright cool pink, leaning toward Azalea Pink with a touch more purple.  Similar in hue to the old Shangri-La, but more bold and without shimmer."  I wore this one all by itself, both with a nude eye and with Agenda.  It's a 'kick ass & take names' pink.   Yeah, you need this.  I ate a 10" tuna sandwich (the whole thing, with lettuce, onion, roasted peppers, cukes, and spinach.  I was starving.), some iced tea, and half a snack cake for lunch, and my lips were still bright.  Even after I came home & wiped them with tissue, they're still much more pink than normal.  This isn't a bad thing if you're not able to touch up your lips after eating!

 photo 796b19c2-28fd-4b47-bd98-ffd17c5989bd.jpg

Hope you've found the photos helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. WOW, wizard's wedding cake looks absolutely amazing!