Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wild Wednesday

The garlic has been growing the last few months, and the rabbits seem to leave it alone.  The green stakes will help hold up the fence, which will keep the rabbits and deer out so the other plants that are now in the ground will not be devoured.

 photo 40eb52bd-1847-4ce0-9f24-92d58c9b81ce.jpg

The natural meadow planting in the front yard is also doing nicely, despite every crow within a 20 mile radius deciding to try and eat as much of the seed as possible.  It will take a few more weeks before it really takes off.

 photo a9da2a86-b90c-431e-8970-f650e7761b37.jpg

We're also having a small issue with a raccoon.  He pooped on the deck in the back yard a few days ago.  After doing a careful and thorough cleaning involving bleach, the raccoon did not return to poop on the deck.  Instead he decided to poop right at the bottom of the front porch steps.  That's now cleaned up as well, and I need to stop by the store and pick up a little something to discourage any further pooping.  (sorry, no pics.  I did take some but they're kinda gross!)

Fox, coyote, or wolf urine will all work.  And no, I'm not gonna catch a fox, force feed him water, and make him pee.  Bottles of urine are available at farm supply stores, sporting goods stores (usually for hunters to mask their scent), or online; a small bottle of fox urine is under $10.  I've used small amounts both fox and coyote urine in the past to keep the deer away and it does work.  Now I need it to let this raccoon know it's not ok to use my walkways as the toilet!   The scent of a predator should be enough to make him decide to go elsewhere.   We do have all of the above mentioned predators as well as a few others, so I'll use it sparingly as to not have to worry about foxes deciding to come and investigate the scent.  No need for them to think there's a new fox in town!

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