Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Small DIY Picture Project

I've been looking for some sort of wall art for my bathroom for a while.  I have one small framed print of a purple flower on one wall, but needed another print for a slightly larger space.  I came across this at Michael's Crafts the other day.  It was $49.99 but I had a 40% off coupon!

 photo 2f6cc24e-d424-452c-805e-dee459c23249.jpg

It had a chain to hang it attached to triangular picture hangers at the top, as well as a second set of larger round hangers.  I wasn't crazy about the cream color, but figured a coat of paint would do the trick.  I taped up the glass panels with some Frog Tape (painter's tape) and used some black paint that I had from another home DIY project.  I thought about painting it white, since the trim in the bathroom is white, but just didn't think it would look right.  So black won.

 photo 654bb787-393e-4581-81d7-ea9cdeffeef3.jpg

I removed the chain that was attached to triangular hangers.  Ideally I'd have moved those down so the picture hangers I attached to the wall wouldn't be visible, but didn't want to risk cracking the frame.  I did remove the second set of larger round hangers.

Although the glass was not quite clear, it wasn't exactly frosted either.  My bathroom is painted purple - Benjamin Moore's Passion Plum - and I knew the purple flowers wouldn't really show up very well against the wall color.  I carefully attached three pieces of opaque scrapbooking paper to the back of the frame to solve this minor problem.

 photo 58d4b83d-551c-4ca0-9d53-c78c7dfd59b1.jpg

Finally, I've got a piece of wall art that I'm happy with!  Thanks for looking.

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