Friday, May 3, 2013

Shoes from Proud Mess Designs

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the shoes and the holographic service.  Links are not affiliate links.

***please note the original company, Glitter and Holo ALL THE THINGS, has been changed to Proud Mess Designs.  I've updated the name of the post for searching.***

I must apologize for not showing you these earlier, with the wacky weather we've had through through March and April, I just forgot all about taking pictures to share.   Phyrra's post on her sunglasses reminded me!

Mandy of Glitter and Holo ALL THE THINGS posted some fantastic looking shoes that she'd worked on, and I realized I really needed a pair of holographic shoes.  My biggest dilemma was should I get black holo or purple?  I decided on black, of course.  I plan to get a purple pair down the road....

I purchased a pair of plain black Merona pumps from Target for $30, since I wanted to be absolutely sure that they fit.  I'd have liked a pointy toe but they only had rounded.  I mailed them off to Mandy in early March, she worked her magic, and they were soon returned.  Sorry I didn't take a "before" picture.

impossible to take a picture of them on my feet without tripping and injuring myself....
 photo 40470721-e3ec-4647-bda5-6c801e8ed651.jpg

 photo 812c3bdf-078e-43be-92c6-930da9dd2f87.jpg

 photo f63af3d3-1cfb-4940-b3ac-13ee4b1a136f.jpg

 photo d6c574a4-31ca-4f64-8371-0af5eb83f362.jpg

You can see Mandy did a really thorough job, every bit of the shoes are covered.  I've worn these several times and always receive compliments.  The holo really jumps out when I walk - not like glittery shoes that have to have the right angle to see the sparkle, these are amazing from all angles!

Wearing them, with nude colored stockings of course.   They give my legs a bit of color, don't you think?
 photo b383c344-f385-42b0-832d-fac5aff5262b.jpg

Check out some of Mandy's handiwork on the Glitter and Holo ALL THE THINGS Facebook page.  Prices vary depending on what you're having done, but I felt the price was very reasonable and received top notch service.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ohmy! I want to marry your shoes!

    1. They're more impressive in person. I've seen many other glittery type shoes and none match the work Mandy did.