Saturday, May 18, 2013

Destashing Again

Another destash?  Yup, but this time a much smaller one.  Although I try to stick to my rule of "bring one in, take one out" it seems I've been so short on time lately that I haven't been able to do this.  I have quite a few new products that I haven't had time to swatch, or use! 

I found this little organizer at Home Goods for $6.99.

14.5" by 12" x 2" 
 photo fbb36aeb-7d32-4bd0-8a8a-cb4f14485b3a.jpg

It also means not everything is going to fit, hence the destash.  I don't have any current pics but will be sure to snap a few before I start.  My binder will remain, because most of my shadows are in that, and it's just easier for me to use than having a bunch of little 5g jars.

Periodic destashing is good. Yes, I know how hard it is!   I went through an enormous destash last year, which I talked about in a 7 part post (part 7 is here, which includes links to parts 1 through 6) and it was tough.  I did it slowly, and would be happy to pass on any tips to anyone facing this process!  Collections can quickly become overwhelming, which mine did, and it made me very unhappy.  Although I've added a bit here and there, I won't allow it to get back to even half of what it used to be. 

I'd like to get to this sooner rather than later, but also need a nice sunny day so I can swatch the new products and see if they'll replace anything that's currently in my collection.   More to follow!

Thanks for reading.

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