Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wild Wednesday

Nothing to disclose, product mentioned purchased by me (well, purchased by hubby).  Link for anyone interested in the product mentioned.

Easter Sunday hubby decided to fire up the rototiller and get to work on the front lawn.  Once again, he's done the natural meadow planting.

  photo 908ea113-7896-48e1-9b23-e342db2c4460.jpg

He went around the bottom right corner, it was a bit mushy from recent heavy rain.  Once it dries up a bit he'll throw down some seed in that little patch.

  photo db202f48-a5bc-442b-99ff-ba1f6a876588.jpg

He put down another $600 worth of wildflower seeds from American Meadows.   He buys the Northeast mix, which contains different wildflowers, all native to our area.  The mix includes: calendula, cornflower, Siberian wallflower, shasta daisy, lance leaf coreopsis, plains coreopsis, sulphur cosmos, cosmos, larkspur giant imperial mix, sweet William, purple coneflower, California poppy, blanket flower, baby's breath, dwarf sunflower sunspot, candytuft, rose mallow, scarlet flax, blue flas, lupine, love in a mist, baby blue eyes, red poppy/shirley poppy, Mexican hat, gloriosa daisy, black eyed susan, and catdhfly.  This is a mix of annual and perennial seed, and each year we'll get more and more blooms!

He doesn't fertilize before planting, since we have plenty of that from the deer.

 photo 09196c8f-4974-4025-8fbc-fb5d0dd9b1b3.jpg

I'll post pics from time to time with the progress.  Thanks for looking!

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