Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Fyrinnae 1960's Retro Collection Swatches

Nothing to disclose, items shown purchased by me; London Mod was a free sample with order.  Link to site is not an affiliate link.

I purchased a few of Fyrinnae's 1960's Retro Collection shades.  It's been mostly sunny, meaning every time I'd go to take a picture, the sun would disappear behind some clouds, so some photos are brighter than others.  I don't like screwing around with the color because I find it makes the shades look odd, so I leave 'em alone.

Shadows are swatched on bare skin with a dampened wet/dry brush.  Lip lustres swatched on bare skin.  Photos taken inside (except where noted), no flash.

 photo ec0d81d7-4353-45a0-bd80-e7ae94dbd11c.jpg

"down the arm" shot so you can see the shimmer
 photo 9ea2946f-a238-4f86-817c-bf9dd0fb13ee.jpg

Close ups, with Fyrinnae's color descriptions

 photo 125d697b-f70f-461a-89fc-bb8146139f4c.jpg

Bollywood Babe is a satiny neutral to cool pink loaded with cheery gold sparkle.

 photo 9c5c353b-9ec2-483d-b01e-30ee1224bce7.jpg

Polyester Witch is a light violet graced with fun green sparkle.

 photo be22775f-4183-4698-b516-ebc146a2733b.jpg

London Mod is a satiny light blue, a little warmer than cornflower, filled with green sparkle.

 photo 664056b0-03a7-47d2-8d39-07730f74e936.jpg

 photo 74c6f661-94f8-45db-b39c-bc899953b589.jpg

Pleasant Valley Sundae is a  sheer milky cream with a lavender shimmer, intended to be worn over lipstick but works alone as a subtle hue, or to tone down a natural lip color without being too pastel.

It's a Mod World is a sheer glowing pink with a touch of pale violet sparkle.  Looks great over lipstick or alone.

Here's a picture taken outside, no flash

  photo 6484fb73-5b46-49cc-a25b-28ef6453c25a.jpg

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful swatches! I ordered a few samples from this collection, but skipped on Polyseter Witch... I think I need it now!

  2. Oh wow, I feel like my life is incomplete without Polyester Witch.

    1. It'd look lovely on you, and I can see you wearing It's a Mod World lustre too!!