Thursday, April 11, 2013

Morgana Lip Swatches - Blood & Roses, Claret, Shrieking Violet

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.  Link to company home page only, not an affiliate link.

I ordered three lipsticks from Morgana's Crypt, a new Shrieking Violet and two of the LE shades, Blood & Roses and Claret.  There were two others that caught my eye (Tuscan Red and Buried Poison) but those will have to wait for another day.

Lipsticks applied on bare skin.  Swatches taken inside, no flash. Photobucket labels seem to appear on a few of my pics, but not all.  Does this mean there's a fix in sight?

 photo 15600286-25b2-4149-983e-9e1cea24d07e.jpg

 photo 073df586-f125-4d3e-9a8c-bcd76adc61ea.jpg

 photo 53c12ca9-a734-42af-b472-648e2091d789.jpg

Closeups, color descriptions from Morgana.

Blood & Roses is a deep fuchsia red.  I love a nice cool red, and this shade is very wearable.

 photo ee81adc3-bd07-44ef-aa8e-00c5fa50c55b.jpg

Claret is a red-violet.  I was really surprised how much I like this color, it's really gorgeous!

 photo c3fe6013-8791-4364-ba6a-e7311da31ad1.jpg

Shrieking Violet is a vivid violet.  I love this on its own or with a darker gloss over it!

  photo af2b82f2-7e2c-4b90-98d2-19a43de5f392.jpg

  photo 367b9595-8881-41db-8889-91f8f4d85fba.jpg

I know many of you prefer lip swatches, but I'm no good at them, so arm swatches it is.  I hope you've found them helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. I cannot wait to get my Blood & Roses! It's one of many that I ordered. I think mine ships Friday, I'm so excited.

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    1. I was surprised how much I liked it on. It's really lovely.