Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fyrinnae Moon Child, Sloth Snuggles, Blogger Beauty, Cuddlefish swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchase the products shown.

Four more Fyrinnae shadows to show you.  I've puchased Moon Child before, the original and reformulated versions.  I realized I had run out and needed to order a new one, so I thought I'd include it with the other shadows.  Once again, Photobucket labels don't seem to be working, but may show up at some point.....sorry for the inconvenience.  I dislike posting unlabeled photos but can't sit around waiting for this issue to be resolved.

Shadows patted over Pixie Epoxy.  Photos taken inside, no flash.

Left to right:  Moon Child, Sloth Snuggles, Blogger Beauty, Cuddlefish

 photo 1297e8b5-bd81-4f71-95c4-1e0c8cbd948d.jpg

Left to right:  Moon Child, Sloth Snuggles, Blogger Beauty, Cuddlefish

 photo 2793cdb3-04e0-46bd-9da9-d32ca05b1128.jpg

 photo b8af0df7-839d-4e63-873a-5215455c4778.jpg

Closeups and Fyrinnae's descriptions

Moon Child is a soft glimmering ivory with just the right amount of shimmer and sparkle and a touch of coppery highlight.  Note I don't usually pat Moon Child over Pixie Epoxy, I brush it on as a highlight/brow bone shade, it appears softer that way.

 photo 4037ed5c-604d-421b-b2e7-3b6af594c593.jpg

Sloth Snuggles is a deep to medium chocolate brown graced with a satiny mauve highlight.

 photo 96fd3de8-3020-40fa-b01d-216bc3994d9d.jpg

Blogger Beauty is a bright, shimmering mauve-pink graced with a touch of blue sparkle.  Looks slightly more pink over a regular primer, slightly more cool lavender over a sticky base.

 photo 3ebad163-4331-4a45-b2b4-e4cb3056dcd0.jpg

Cuddlefish is a vibrant violet, loaded with varying hues of purple and blue-violet sparkle, and is recommended wearing with a sticky base.

It's a bit more purple in person than my photo, my camera doesn't seem to photograph purples quite the way they appear to my eye.  I know, I know, Photoshop it then!  I don't.  I might "brighten" a photo using Photobucket but otherwise don't mess around with the color.  But if you like purples, get this one and see for's a gorgeous shade.  Come to think of it, get this even if you don't like purple.

 photo d6840756-1031-4080-a751-af1996932192.jpg

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!