Monday, April 8, 2013

Fyrinnae Lip Lustre Swatches

Nothing to disclose, I purchased the products shown.

I ordered a full size Glamorous Rebel from the 50's Retro Collection, and five sample sizes of older colors that I didn't have.  As usual, Photobucket is having issues with labeling, sooner or later they'll show up.  I hope.

Lustres applied on bare skin.  Photos taken inside (unless noted) with no flash.

Left to right:  Diabolic Masquerade, Less than Three, Nemesis, Pygmy Hippo, Dragon's Blood, Glamorous Rebel

 photo 399918da-d334-4539-900c-2061edfd6479.jpg

left to right:  Diabolic Masquerade, Less than Three, Nemesis, Pygmy Hippo, Dragon's Blood, Glamorous Rebel
  photo 0176d4af-989c-4db6-ae90-a6504f212643.jpg

 photo 2685f37a-0a40-4b92-9d45-7f898be58ea4.jpg

Close ups and Fyrinnae's color description

Diabolic Masquerade is dark, vampy, and perfect if you're tempted by black lipcolours, but don't want the harshness or grey tones. Diabolic Masquerade is black, but enhanced with subtle glowing red shimmer to offset the darkness. This can be applied over balm or gloss for a softer look.

 photo c0d0fec1-3cf5-4458-81e3-a6a45e5f271b.jpg

Less than Three is a bright lilac-pink matte.

 photo e0b581ef-e55a-4ddb-891e-467e930ccd14.jpg

Nemesis is a rich medium purple.  Nemesis has a somewhat shimmery finish, but is not frosty or sparkly. May leave a pink stain on lips.  Reformulated in February 2013 to give better coverage and more even application.

I was a bit sad when Coffin Velvet, another gorgeous purple lustre was discontinued, but I like Nemesis even better!  I'm in love.

  photo 09190754-fba5-4880-b2fb-7d4404407ae7.jpg

Pygmy Hippo is a medium rosy plum shade, not quite mauve, neutral-warm.    I'd like to say this is a YLBB shade, but it's more a YLBB if your lips kicked ass.  Everyone needs this shade, and you know I'm not a warm leaning fan.

 photo e73f73b1-53e2-4c0f-a2ec-c90dec478bd5.jpg

Dragon's Blood is a deep, rich, cool matte maroon-red, inspired by the vampy lipsticks of the 1920s. Can be applied as a lighter "berry stain" shade over balm.

  photo a7034ff1-4424-4f28-a455-ae380dbd46d1.jpg

Glamorous Rebel is a bright, rich cherry red. A cool hue, but should work for most neutral and olive skintones as well. Matte finish (no shimmer but applies with a slight glossiness), and is likely to stain.

  photo 17b6d415-7150-4f24-b30c-3ceace1ad37d.jpg

Here's a couple of outside pics too. No flash.

  photo 12651da8-574b-4835-b095-d453a036a777.jpg

You can see the red peeking out in the Diabolic Masquerade.  It's very noticeable in person, but doesn't want to photograph.  Using the flash just washed everything out, no flash made the shimmer hide.

  photo b4aa255e-a448-4410-8d17-d62e6d9727eb.jpg

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.


  1. Lovely swatches, Cin. I want Less Than 3 now!

    1. I wasn't sure if it would be too bubble gum pink but it's really pretty in person. I'm so happy Fyrinnae offers the mini sizes, otherwise I wouldn't have tried it!