Monday, April 29, 2013

Darling Girl Dice, Beluga Bebe, Demeter Swatches

Nothing to disclose - I purchased Dice recently.  I also received a samples of both Beluga Bebe and Demeter, one with this order and one with a previous order, but I can't remember which was with which order!  Link is not an affiliate link.

I purchased some of the MILF - Matte I'd Like to Find - shades from Darling Girl and also picked up Dice.  It's not part of the MILF collection, it's from the Throwing Stones collection and is a matte.

I must apologize - my arm is a bit red.  I decided to take advantage of the sunlight and do a bunch of swatches, but my skin is sensitive and applying products, washing them off, and starting over for the next batch of products was just a bit much for my skin. 

Shadows were swatched on bare skin with a dampened wet/dry brush.  Photos taken inside, no flash.

 photo 4171d590-d58b-48a9-bd21-dab99aa7b238.jpg

a down the arm picture so you can see the sparkle

 photo f895a3ff-6285-48a5-9837-fdaa487292a9.jpg

Close ups plus Darling Girl's color descriptions

 photo 36f43480-d5bc-4487-8c56-10c22fc7f339.jpg

Dice is a creamy opaque matte white

 photo 33f58cbe-d6cc-4775-bc59-6f5c2a620b6e.jpg

Beluga Bebe is not listed on the DG page.  I'm awful with color descriptions, but to me, this is a taupe sort of shade, silvery with hints of bluish green shimmer.

 photo b657de48-c091-4394-b902-dbda9e3dd507.jpg

Demeter is also not listed on the DG page.  To me, this is a golden taupe with multi shimmer.

Sorry to show you things you can't have.....somehow these just never made it to the pile of things to swatch.

Hope you've found the pictures helpful, and thanks for looking.


  1. These were both gift with purchase shades, so they were limited edition although I am releasing into the permanent line. Great swatches!

    1. They're both great shades, good to know they'll become permanent!