Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wild Wednesday

These are pictures from last Wednesday's snow.    The dark eyed juncos only seem to visit when we have snow.   The males come first, 5 or 6 of them, then after they're finished the females come.  The males are the darker grey, while the females are a brownish color.

 photo 3bc1a1b4-f41f-46da-b9f4-f43b14d1a90b.jpg

 photo a5a6b3e9-817a-4cbb-bad1-40663a5d6fc1.jpg

There were a few males hopping around the deck, picking up crumbs that had fallen from the suet cakes.  Ian wasn't happy about this; even though the tiny birds didn't sink down into the snow, he felt bad that the snow was so deep and worried the birdies were cold.  I assured him they were fueling up and then going back to warm nests.

 photo 5c7c6fe0-3db0-4604-9100-be7e9976ed2b.jpg

 photo 7b8b21db-c312-4b54-80e9-d93752bdd350.jpg

They don't mind sharing with this small female Downy woodpecker.

 photo 5fba9edc-3359-4a71-9bfd-d62b4338dff1.jpg

I'd like to put some sort of hood over the suet cakes, but it'd have to be up high enough to give each bird plenty of room for fast escapes when the larger woodpeckers arrive.  The small birds scatter when they show up.

Thanks for looking!

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