Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wild Wednesday

Ok, let's try this again.   Upon further reading, I can either post thumbnail sized photos, which you can click on and be magically transported to the original in my Photobucket album (you might want to right click it and hit "open in a new tab") or I can bombard you with an enormous original.  Your choice.  I've put them both here so you can see how annoying this is.  I really hope the powers that be at Photobucket understand how neither of these options are what the basic blogger like me want.

Since Monopoly's new game piece is a cat, here's some cat pics for you!

Tuesday looking so tiny and cute

 photo DSCN1053.jpg

Tuesday the enormous cat

 photo DSCN1053.jpg

Thursday thumbnail
 photo DSCN1057-1.jpg

Thursday full size

 photo DSCN1057-1.jpg

I don't like the full size photos because it interferes with things on the right side, specifically, other blogs' posts that you may be interested in.  Hopefully I can either move things around in the meantime so the giant photos won't always be an issue.  It's not that I'm one to bitch every time a site makes changes, I just don't see the reasoning in taking away something that worked well to replace it with something that doesn't work so well.   The main purpose of Photobucket, for me, is so I can share pictures, and now it's not so easy.  Sigh.

Editing the text size is a bit tricky, because the text begins to rotate as you attempt to do it.  I did put my blog name on both these pics, but for reasons I don't understand, that text doesn't show up.  I've had this issue in the past w/Photobucket, usually it shows up a few hours later, so we'll see what happens. 

On a positive note, although there's no more "bulk import" I can now simply drag my pics out of iPhoto and right into the Photobucket loading zone.

Ok, enough bitching about this for now.  Enjoy the kitty pics and thanks for looking.

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