Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Well, I had something ready

I had a couple of pictures that I wanted to show you, but Photobucket's new changes are giving me some trouble.

I used to simply upload my photos, add text, copy & paste the code right into my blog post, and all was well.  Now the image is far too large.  I've tried resizing it, but no matter what I do, the picture is much too large. 

I read through some info on their site, but now I'm even more confused.  Can someone explain to me how I can simply post my photo so it's the right size?

"We suggest you resize your photos to the resolution you would like to link them as, before uploading them to your account. That way any images that are smaller than 1024x768 will remain that size when linked out across the web."

Oh, so I need to resize them BEFORE I upload them?   I have a Mac, and my options in  iPhoto are: Rotate, Crop, Straighten, Enhance, Red Eye, Retouch, Effects, and Adjust.  Rotate, not it.  Crop, well, I could crop the shit out of the photo but then you won't see half of the picture, Straighten, nope, Enhance makes the colors all weird, Red Eye, nope, Retouch nope (it's only a little paintbrush to cover blemishes & such), Effects sure if I want a sepia photo or blur the edges, Adjust is another way to screw up the colors so the picture looks awful.   So how the hell do they want me to resize my photo BEFORE I upload?

I also usually add some text to my photos, simply put my blog name on them, or add in names if they're swatches so you know which color is which.  That's still available, but I haven't determined how to adjust the size of the writing, which is another issue.  The "Welcome to the New & Improved" info says it can be done, but doesn't explain how.   Guess I need to sit and read through a bunch more on that.

Upgrades are great, providing they still offer the basics that most people use.  Stickers, frames, effects, yeah, I'm sure they're great fun, but not if I can't post my damn pics to fit on my blog.

I think I need another cup of coffee.


  1. I use photobucket too and I have always resized my pictures before uploading because you have more control over the quality settings and filesize. I use Gimp (both for windows and linux) which is also available for mac. It's free and pretty easy with lots of youtube tutorials for more complicated stuff like watermarking :)