Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's / Anti Valentine's Challenge

I participated in another challenge with a lovely group of ladies, this time a red and pink look for Valentine's Day.  Or Anti Valentine's Day, which I always prefer.  I threw on a black and red wig for the occasion, and my black lenses.

Here's an inside eye close up, no flash

 photo cb91c53d-8446-4055-b539-778f252541a0.jpg

I really need to learn how to "fix" photos to take the big red vein outta my eye.  Kinda gross, I know, but I suppose it fits with an Anti Valentine's look.

Illamasqua Skin Base #2 on nose and cheeks to cover rosacea.  In the full pics it's visible, since I rubbed it on using my fingers and didn't blend it in everywhere.

No blush, that's my rosacea.  Sometimes you just have to work with it.

MAC  Black cream color base 
Illamasqua Brazen cream blush on lids, a little brushed on browbone to help blend
    (yeah, I know, probably not safe, but it was only for the pics)
Darling Girl Blushing Heart on lid, browbone, lightly brushed under eye
Chinovi Aphrodite along browbone
Evil Shades Date with Death glitter patted here and there
Benefit They're Real mascara top lashes only

I brushed a little Illamasqua Brazen blush into my brows, then added in a bit of Brazen Cosmetic's Bettie brow powder to darken them.

Lasting Finish by Kate (Rimmel) shade 01  
I thought this would be a more blue based red but it doesn't look it on me.  I should've switched lippies but live and learn.

These two are outside, no flash. Sorry the wig is kinda all over, I had to keep adjusting the bangs or my own black/purple hair would show up.

 photo 9261742d-d2ed-4e0d-9a71-8639c095ca7a.jpg

 photo fdc97865-6143-42df-8dbe-eb34c42b982f.jpg

I had a great time doing this challenge.  Thanks for looking!

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