Friday, February 8, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette Swatches

I bought the UD Naked Basics palette a few weeks ago. 

 photo 12da5a0f-3ad5-48cf-861c-0334237b241f.jpg

 photo 49f45f0a-e832-4027-bb9e-638ffd3d451c.jpg

Sorry it looks a bit messy here.  I took this pic after the second set of swatches.

 photo 40432081-98d6-4cca-b5f2-dd08ff21624a.jpg\

Shadows are swatched over a small amount of UDPP using a dry brush.

  photo 8cf47fb7-4fdc-4486-bf27-1d34cf7ec104.jpg

  photo 8042302e-bbed-47f2-a830-74a199f822f1.jpg

  photo 19c051d5-4176-4b17-a997-976acb84b058.jpg

  photo 192c1670-2fbd-41a0-bd17-4db622e1f3bf.jpg

Close ups.  Note color descriptions are from Sephora's website.

  photo ffcc6a79-d0c4-40a5-9653-4ee1ea1a10cf.jpg

Venus is a soft, off white, demi matte

  photo 35a90e37-4776-4346-909c-0fd878695fa7.jpg

Foxy is a very light yellow/white matte

 photo 57fe3cd9-de1c-487b-8fa8-e68c702d4bc6.jpg

Walk of Shame is a very light nude matte

  photo 27393263-415d-48e3-97bd-bf715fc63151.jpg

Naked 2 is a taupe matte

  photo 19059914-8410-469d-b3a9-0dd4a6d1e5cd.jpg

Faint is a warm, dusty brown matte

  photo 49a89fc6-0635-4c94-a26f-22effc65875c.jpg

Crave is a deepest, darkest brown/black matte

  photo 7d338c9f-e4c3-4326-ae18-229309984ba1.jpg

My pics are inconsistent - the sun kept going in and out and I couldn't seem to snap pics during the bright times.  I'm still fiddling with the new camera, which I'm not crazy over.  I'm also having a bit of trouble with adding the text in Photoshop, so sorry if that's a bit wonky as well!

I'm always worried that colors are a bit too warm for me, but I think I can make all but Faint work for me.  Foxy is a bit yellow but I think I it's doable.  The palette is definitely worth the $27.   I think these are good neutrals for most arsenals.  Not a matte fan?  Still good basics, just add a sparkly shade or two to your eyes and the mattes will allow the shimmer to be the superstar. 

Hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking!


  1. I love this palette! I have no idea what to do with Foxy but I can use the rest of the shades :)

    1. I'm sure you can incorporate it as a highlight with some greens/blues/teals!