Monday, January 7, 2013

Wrist Update

I'm still wearing the wrist support - I took it off earlier this morning to figure out if it's getting any better.  It is, slowly.  There's a brownish/yellow bruise that goes right across my wrist, which is slowly fading.  My wrist still hurts if I try to move it side to side or up and down, so I will continue to keep the support on and keep checking it.

The bruise on my right palm is now gone.  Yay!

My left knee is much better, I still have to be careful not to go too fast up & down stairs.  I walked very slowly on my treadmill today and after about 25 minutes it started to bother me.  Hoping that's feeling better soon so I can resume my regular routine.

I can't wait for my left wrist to be back to normal.  I've been careful to avoid using my left arm as much as possible to avoid further injury, but it's hard to do everyday things like wash the dishes, fold laundry, and wash my hair.    Hope everyone else's first week of the new year has gone well, and thanks for reading.

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