Thursday, January 3, 2013


I haven't posted anything lately, due to holiday business.  On 12/31 while unloading groceries from my car, I slipped on some slushy snow.  Luckily the concrete floor was there to break my fall.


I landed on my left knee, which hurt too much to move for a few minutes.  My right palm hit flat on the floor,  and started turning colors within minutes.  I pulled myself up, carefully went inside, and then realized my left wrist was starting to hurt.  Took some Tylenol, iced my wrist, then wrapped an Ace bandage around it to keep it still.  I didn't think anything was broken so I figured I'd just wait a day or two and see my GP.

I went to the doctor's office last night and she was concerned about the swelling (the compression definitely helped keep it down) and the slight problem that I couldn't move my wrist without pain.  The radiology office was already closed so I went this morning, and luckily there are no fractures.  The doctor wants me to keep the wrist support on for a few more days and take it easy.  No problem there.  My knee is also feeling better, only a little tricky going up and down stairs.  I'm happy it's not worse, since my knee did take quite a hit.

I had my choice of black or tan wrist support, naturally I chose black.  There's a flat metal bar inside the layers of material to help hold everything nice and steady.  I can move my fingers without anything hurting, although I can't grasp anything or apply any pressure (opening jars, picking things up, etc) yet.  This support is 100 times better than the Ace bandage, IMO, and quite welcome after wearing the bandage since the fall.

No swatching for another week or so.  I do have some Evil Shades shadows and OCC lip tars to show you, all of which arrived right before Christmas. 

Thanks for reading, and hope your New Year's Eve was a great, injury free one!